Friday, 12 October 2012

From Russia with love

Unsubstantiated rumours are circulating of a possible Russian involvement in Charlton. It has to emphasised that the evidence base for this is thin. Russians have been seen in the directors box, presumably with snow on their boots, but they may just have wanted to see a match or been there to run the rule over Blackburn in case Venky's decide to return to their chickens.

There is no known basis to claims that there is link with the proposed launch of Russian mobile operator MegaFon on the London Stock Exchange or with the successful IPO of Russia's Sherbank in September.

Whether this would simply be an investment or a complete takeover is not known. In any event, given that the topping up of funds has been constrained since March, any roubles would be welcome. The serious money today is abroad and there is a lot of very serious money in the hands of a small number of people in Russia. Ambitious Championship clubs are increasingly subject to foreign takeovers, most recently Leeds.

Of course, there is always an element of risk in such investments, but you have to take some risks to succeed. We live in a globalised world and that is unlikely to change.

The current whereabouts of Rick Everitt are unknown, although there were rumours on Twitter yesterday that he had become lost in a hospital in Ashord, Kent. This is not thought to be the old Russian tactic of sending awkward individuals to a mental hospital. Indeed, should there be a Russian takeover, the Rickster could emerge as People's Commisar.

Someone was asking where Rick did his degree: it was Reading. While he was there he missed an exam to attend a vital Charlton match. The head of department, pioneer gay Tory Peter Campbell, thought it was all down to me as a known Addick.


Anonymous said...

I assume this is in jest? Being taken seriously over on Charlton Life!!

Wyn Grant said...

It's not a joke, but it's not well substantiated so I am very cautious about it. Something is going on, but it would be very easy to add two and two together and make five, e.g., the new chairman's connections with Chelsea. My hunch is there may be some interest from Russia in making an investment, but it is not firmer than that the moment. There are certainly enough people with spare cash there and they would find a London club attractive.

Anonymous said...

mm not talking about this story in particular but not so relaxed as Wynn about the way football is going, dodgy money, speculation bubbles, a handover of naming rights to loan sharks and betting syndicates.....

Wyn Grant said...

There are certainly some grounds for concern and I would be unhappy about Wonga being on our shirts, even if it did lead to the team giving 4,237%. However, a club like Charlton requires additional investment to move forward. That investment is likely to come from an emerging or oil rich country: more specifically from a Gulf state, Russia, China, Thailand or Malaysia (not yet from Brazil, Mexico or South Africa).