Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Jonjo Shelvey deal

The Addickted were delighted to hear that Jonjo Shelvey had been called up for England. He was always a popular player at Charlton.

There has been some speculation about whether we might benefit financially. The initial fee was £1.7m but there were add ons for domestic and international appearances. I haven't been able to find any detail, but normally these are triggered by a number of appearances, e.g., fifty domestic games, rather than a single appearance. Indeed, sometimes clubs have dropped players to avoid triggering a fee. Sometimes an international call up (provided the player actually plays) can trigger a payment, but I am uncertain whether that applies here (probably not).

The Daily Mirror comments this morning, 'Shelvey's call-up is more unexpected and a bit more complicated. The midfielder has impressed in Liverpool's sluggish start to the season and was initially called up for the European under-21 Championship play-off with Serbia.'

'However, Shelvey is suspended for the first leg of the play-off so Hodgson has taken the opportunity to give him some experience with the senior squad. Frank Lampard, Michael Carrick, James Milner and Tom Cleverley are all capable of playing in central midfield with Steven Gerrard suspended for Friday's game with San Marino.'

'With so many options, it would be unlikely if Shelvey made it onto the pitch and there is a chance he could go back to the under-21s for the second leg of the Serbia play-off next Tuesday.

Very much elsewhere, as Radio Scilly's mainland football correspondent, I should report that play has now started in the World's Smallest Football League. The Charty Shield tie was held on Sunday at the Garrison Field stadium between last year's champions and the runners up. After a 1-1 draw at full time it had to be decided by a penalty shoot out: Isles of Scilly


AC said...

Let's hope we get a nice fat cheque and that Shelvey goes on to fulfil his potential.

Marco. said...

Didn't Charlton get promised some form of a 'link' with Liverpool as a sweetener?
Other than Nathan Eccleston on loan I can't recall much happening between us & them

Wyn Grant said...

We did get promised some kind of link, but there has been a change of regime at Liverpool since then and it has amounted to nothing, just like our much vaunted link with Inter Milan.

Anonymous said...

Even with a Charlton hat on, it's pretty clear Shelve isn't anywhere good enough for international football and never will be. He plays with a lot of heart and has a good engine but his first touch and decision making are dreadful.