Sunday, 21 October 2012

Less than perfect

Reasonably reliable reports are indicating that Wendy Perfect has handed in her notice at The Valley. This is not a great surprise given that she has worked closely with Rick Everitt over the years and I understand that the two families were friendly. Both she and Rick were Labour councillors on the same authority at one point.

Wendy Perfect has worked tirelessly for the club, particularly making a continuing success of Valley Gold. Only yesterday she was selling tickets for the raffle. I would like to thank her for everything she has done for the club.

My observer outside the West Stand reports that he did not see Richard Murray entering yesterday, but it is possible that he did not come at his usual time.

For some reason in recent days I have been recalling my time living and working in Berlin when it was a divided city at the height of the Cold War. Our alleged CIA front organisation was trying to fathom out what was going on in the DDR (East Germany) and sometimes I have felt that way about Charlton recently. Have we got our Charlton back?


Anonymous said...

For a moment after the Hartlepool game and the Championship Trophy presentation , it did indeed seem like we 'had our Charlton back'
As weeks go by , it just seems the club is imploding, I fear that the playing side will soon be affected.
Rumours abound, primarily because nothing is coming out of the club.
Brickwall PR!

Anonymous said...

admittedly from a position deep in the south stand but it did look to me as though Richard Murray was towards the bottom of the directors box alongside his family with Mr Jimmenez and assorted suits at the top of the box. Clearly something is afoot. I am not per se against change or even the changing of the old guard but of course the uncertainty is unsettling and the club are doing little to help. What is clear to all at The Valley yesterday is that we need an injection of quality in the squad ... and I mean more than a peripheral Man City youngster

Anonymous said...

'Clearly something is afoot'

On the basis of seating arrangements?

Wyn Grant said...

On the basis of a whole series of pieces of information. Good to know that Richard Murray was there yesterday.