Friday, 19 October 2012

Barnsley unsettled by takeover talk

Barnsley is hardly the most glamorous location in the Championship, but foreign investors are always looking for opportunities and an Italian consortium may swoop on the debt free club: Barnsley

Apparently this has unsettled the management team who have done well on the lowest budget in the Championship. This season they recorded a spectacular 5-0 victory at Birmingham City, a club also beset by troubles.

I notice that the Prague Addick, an active supporter of the Valley Party, has mounted a defence of the current regime at Charlton. Read it here: Prague Addick . Their case does need to be heard as they rescued the club when it was on the brink of administration.

However, there have been worrying rumours since then, reinforced by a general picture of Championship finances presented yesterday by PKF, the administrators at Portsmouth. A summary and a link is here: Leagues Apart . The lack of transparency about who the ultimate funders of the club might be is bound to unsettle supporters. But what we need to do tomorrow is to get behind Chris Powell and the team.

I will write about Barnsley as a side in more detail later in the day.

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Anonymous said...

Never a truer word spoken....
time to get behind SCP and the team