Monday, 15 October 2012

Tweet in haste, repent at leisure

That is what some footballers have learnt recently. Even so, the social media are clearly here to stay. But for those of us in the blogosphere sourcing and then verifying stories is far from straightforward. Indeed, Peter Varney once complained to me that I fell below journalistic standards after I had written something he didn't like. More recently, it has been suggested that an effort should be made to get this and other blogs banned. Against that, Richard Murray once held a meeting for Charlton bloggers at The Valley.

Some of our best blogs have fallen into quiesence. Iberian Valley no longer posts, nor does the excellent Charlton Athletic Online by Pedro. New York Addick and his partner have had a third child. Having reared three, my advice to him is to make it four to avoid two against one battles. NYA's posts are, however, particularly thoughtful and original.

BTW, I do realise that my list of links is not up to date and I will try to attend to that soon. One of the perils of being 'semi' retired is that everyone is knocking at your door with part-time job and consultancy offers: I turned down the job in London, but I have accepted some of the consultancy work.

I do some freelance media work now and then. Sky and Sports News usually contact me on a slow news day and give me an assignment like standing in front of the Shakespeare Birthplace at Stratford and talking about 'Englishness' while Japanese tourists decide that I am a better target for their cameras than the birthplace itself.

I also provide some material to print journalists and, as they know that I am an Addick, they sometimes give me a tip off in return. That's why I was amused when my story on Curbs being approached by Bolton was dimissed as 'bull****' in a comment which is presumably why The Times gave it prominent billing.

Under the ancien regime, I did have contacts in the Charlton press office who would occasionally give me a story, while Curbs himself occasionally gave me some background. I no longer have any of those contacts.

Even so, I did think that I had good verification for the Paul Elliott story and, indeed, I believe it was run by Sky (not that I would know as the local council in the Royal Spa bans satellite dishes). However, nothing further has appeared and some sources are saying it was never a runner. It is perhaps significant that Richard 'Creepy' Crawley at Pravda has been reduced today to tweeting about a cardigan being left on the back of his office chair. However, just because nothing has been said, does not mean that it won't happen.

The story about possible Russian investment was far more speculative which is why I wrote it in a more light hearted tone. It did, however, acquire legs on Charlton Life. A story in the Financial Times today about football investors getting 'cold feet' may tell us in code what we need to know.

However, I do believe that the club continues (quite rightly) to seek further investment. We are in a league where many clubs either have big parachute payments or foreign investors. We may be a 'tinpot' club as one Wednesday supporter described us but there is a lot of potential: good stadium with scope for further development; first rate training facilities; a location in the world city of London and near to projected developments in the Thames Gateway. Add in a new London airport on the Hoo peninsula and it all starts to add up.

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KenJ said...

"It did, however, acquire legs on Charlton Life."

What doesn't?.. ;-)