Sunday, 7 October 2012

Racial chanting claims to be investigated

Claims by Bolton players that they were the subject of racial abuse at the New Den yesterday are to be investigated by the Football Association: Allegations

Elsewhere, half of today's Football League Paper report on the match at Blackpool is taken up with Ian Holloway losing his rag. Identical copy seems to be here on Clubcall: Holloway . Some of the positive comments on Charlton players lead one to wonder if these were the same players I saw against Watford, e.g., Hamer as a 'calming influence'.

Cort gets the top ranking of 9 for his defensive work as well as his goal. Fuller gets 8 for 'giving Charlton a foothold from which to build attacks with pace and power.' Hamer also gets 8 as does Morrison for 'a powerful and composed display' with which we are familiar. Interesting that Stephens got 7 for 'consistent quality from set pieces' and Hollands who 'disrupted Blackpool's rhythm.' I have had doubts about both these players in home games.

I was pessimistic about yesterday's match and I got it completely wrong. With the benefit of hindsight, it can be seen that Blackpool's results have a very up and down pattern. One wonders if they thought they just had to turn up and claim the three points, given our recent form (although we can often be more of a threat away from home).

I think that I was also very influenced by the fact that we last won there in 1981, but, of course, we haven't played there many times since then - twice in the noughties, I think.

I was there for the 5-3 defeat and there was a strong wind off the Irish Sea and no cover where we 'sat'. The ground has been substantially improved since then. But when we last played them the Seasiders were on the up and we were on our way down. Since then they have been up to the top flight, down again and lost a play off final. As far as one can tell from the commentary, their fans seemed very subdued yesterday, even at the start. But perhaps we just shut them up.

BTW, one reader said he had a problem posting a comment because he kept being identified as a 'robot'. Coincidentally, I have just had a problem posting a comment on the excellent Drinking During the Game blog. Has anyone else had a problem with posting a comment on this blog? Also, some of the comments made about the chairman's misadventure in Spain seem to have disappeared and I didn't delete them.


Bob said...

Wyn, Dave's Drinking During The Game blog has pretty much the same degree of difficulty as yours.

Now, as I view the current set of letters, they seem very legible, as opposed to the grouping the other day, so here goes my post.

AC said...

Do you know if we'll get any cash from the Shelvey deal given he's becoming a regular feature in the Liverpool team and what with his England call up?

Wyn Grant said...

I'm not sure about that, but my recollection is that we will eventually get something from the Liverpool apperances, less certain about England.