Saturday, 31 January 2015

Dismal day at The Valley

It was a cold, wet miserable day and the football did nothing to warm any hearts. Neither Charlton nor Rotherham played particularly well, but after both sides had hit the woodwork, and the Millers had had a goal ruled offside, Charlton went ahead through a Jordan Cousins goal, only to surrender the lead in time added on.

We were too slow in building up our attacks and gave away possession too easily. The two banks of four were played too deep, leaving the forwards isolated. The first ten minutes of the game were very poor, we had hardly any possession at all.

We did get better in the second half. However, the subs Rotherham brought on made a difference, not least Dean Ward who scored. Crystal Palace charm merchant Hunt also came on and indulged in a spectacular dive. The Millers are convinced that they had a penalty shout for handball. The only Miller I know has been in Hanoi this week, so no doubt there will be dancing in the streets of the Vietnam capital.

We have now slipped one more place and are only six points above Millwall, who won at Forest, in the relegation places. We are in a battle, but I am not sure we have the fight for it, for all of Guy Luzon's elaborate gesticulations on the touchline.

Patrick Collins signs off his long career as a football reporter from Charlton, stating that he fears that 'the worst is on the way': Patrick Collins

He draws attention to the fans chanting 'You don't know what you're doing' at Luzon. This was in response to Vetokele being taken off, but it seemed to me and those around me that Igor was less than fully match fit. However, one has to admire the irony of the Covered End choir singing 'Roland, Roland, make a sub.

Luzon was talking afterwards of getting another two players in, but he didn't seem too hopeful. Whether we shall get the much needed target man remains to be seen.

Player ratings

Dmitrovic has a powerful and accurate kick out, although some times he kicked it too far to the opposing keeper. But it's better than we have seen all season. The defence let him down for the goal and he made one spectacular finger tip save which brought some people to their feet to applaud. Bikey does seem to be improving again after a poor patch, but his attempt to score from a corner went not too far over. Ben Haim did his job competently enough, although he did find dealing with Sammon in the air a challenge. Solly was excellent, contributing very effectively in defence and attack. Wiggins was running up and down vigorously before kick off, but he is still a shadow of his former self and he was at fault for the goal.

Buyens did his best to get involved, but his strong surges from midfield lacked an end product. Cousins took his goal well and was generally very active, although sometimes he seems to lose concentration at a key moment. Second half was better than the first. Veljokic is a very defensive midfielder. Gudmundsson saw his shot hit the post twice and it was his blocked shot that led to the goal. Harriott is prepared to run at the opposition defence, although he often ran into a dead end. He found more space in the second half which he tried to exploit, but he is not a striker. He is also rather lightweight and gets forced off the ball too easily by northern lumps. Vetokele tried hard, but it was difficult for him to burst through from defence and get past the defenders. He needs ball in the box.

Watt, Watt, Watt was the chant of the Covered End as they urged his introduction and he certainly has something about him. He needs the full 90 minutes to show what he can do. Christophe provided the assist for the goal, but otherwise was woeful. He gave the ball away dangerously twice when he should have lumped it out of defence towards the end of the match. Gomez put in a great tackle in his cameo.


Anonymous said...

He doesn't even seem to understand English. But I guess that's an advantage.

Anonymous said...

Shocking ....... No Charlton Manager will have ever had such a negative
debut game... He won't last long.

Anonymous said...

I think everybody knows how bad it's getting. We have two chances. One, if can we get lucky in our attempts to sign a good hold up striker. Based upon the majority of signings so far, luck will be essential. Two, J Jackson can galvanise some spirit. As we thought this Guy (Sir Alex) won't be lasting very long. Luzon already looks stunned and lost, I wouldn't be surprised if he resigned soon. i'm writing all of Feb off, five good sides, five losses. The only good news is this will be a very expensive experiment for Roland and there will be an afterwards. Sad day, Charlton will always be my team.

Anonymous said...

I feel, "you don't know what you are doing" should also be directed at Roland if we ever see him at the Valley again. I will almost feel sorry for Luzon very soon.

Expcyp said...

In quite a few walks of life you need to have some qualifications and display a required degree of competence and fitness in order to ply your trade or practise your profession. Football is the poorer for the absence of such standards as a pre requisite to football club ownership and right now...Charlton in particular !
Pleased to note that Sheffield Wednesday have been acquired by some Thai Tuna tycoons. Tuna is infinitely preferable to sickly Belgian chocolates and other fare meted out by Roland. If I ran a business where I hired and then fired managers like this guy it would reflect on my own competence to make the right decisions.

Unknown said...

fans are talking now of a boycott till hes gone

Anonymous said...

Luzon is the fall guy for the abortion that is Duchatalet's Network experiment.

I now do not expect the promised incoming players (Meire, LIED again shock)

Where will this end.....Division 1

Brian G said...

Always look on the bright side: our unbeaten run now stands at 2 games!

Unknown said...

I fear we could end up like pompey if this Belgium cnut doesn't depart