Saturday, 24 January 2015

Solid performance gets Addicks an away point

Wolves managed to open up space on the Charlton left in an early attack. Vetokele’s early attempts to get involved were unfruitful. Vetokele tried to make a pass to Harriott but was tackled from behind.

Bikey tackled well to stop a Wolves attack after Gudmundsson had his foot stamped on which drew no interest from referee d’Urso. Morgan Fox had to clear a Wolves attack. A free kick for Wolves created danger and Ben Haim had to intervene twice.

Cousins burst forward well as the two forwards were marked out of the game. Buyens defended well as Wolves counter attacked.

Wolves got the first corner of the game. Bikey made a good clearing header. Cousins threatened, but Wolves were able to intercept. A Wolves shot was blocked by Ben Haim.

Fox conceded a corner, but Ben Haim headed clear well. Harriott fed Solly, but he was blocked. Charlton were putting in some decent work and applying some pressure to Wolves. Luzon was very active on the edge of his technical area giving instructions.

Wolves tried to up the pressure, but Henry’s shot was off target. Harriott ran into the box but ended up leaving the ball behind. Wolves put in a header from a Henry free kick given away by Buyens that was not too far wide.

The ball drifted across the six yard box and it seemed as if it only needed a touch from Charlton. Morgan Fox was kicked in the face by Henry. Harriott was dragged down by Stearman and the charm merchant got the first yellow card of the game.

Dmitrovic came off his line and dived at the foot of the attacking player to make a good save. He then had to grab the ball to stop a threat developing. Wolves went past Bikey, but then he recovered at the expense of a corner. Vetokele headed the ball clear. Wolves won a corner in the minute added on.

HT: 0-0

Wolves made a double substitution after the break, having failed to obtain the expected lead in the first half. Ben Haim had to clear from an early Wolves attack. The corner was partially cleared by Solly and Bikey.

A Wolves free kick led to a corner which was cleared by Cousins. Ikeme had to parry a strike from Harriott at the expense of the first Charlton corner. The Addicks threatened again and won another corner.

<>A Cousins header went straight to Ikeme. Charlton were fighting for the 50-50 balls. Morgan Fox had to defend well. Vetokele and Harriott troubled Wolves and Stearman had to intervene. Vetokele got beyond Stearman and it needed an interception from Goulbourne. Solly took the corner.

Harriott came off and was not too happy after a good shift but Tony Watt came on. Fox had to make a good block at the expense of a Wolves corner. Watt powered at Wolves and put in a shot and Ikeme had to put it out for a corner.

Wolves got a lucky corner off Fox, but Charlton cleared. Vetokele, who had run himself into the ground, was replaced by Church.

Wolves were playing with more urgency as they looked for the winning goal. Veljkovic, who had played well, was replaced by Gomez. Dmitrovic had to make a good save.

Morgan Fox took a yellow card for the team as he brought down La Parra. Solly defended well from the free kick. Bikey lost his man and Ben Haim had to intervene. Jordan Cousins was being hit by cramp after a great shift, but he still managed to win a corner for Charlton in the last minute of normal time.

Three minutes were added on. Wolves counter attacked from the corner, but Buyens did enough. Watt got away from two players, but eventually lost out. Wolves attacked, but good work by Charlton saw the move end in a goal kick.

There was trouble between Dicko and Ben Haim after the former had dived for a penalty. Bikey got involved and received a yellow card. Charlton had played with commitment and determination. It was an improvement on the performance against Watford who were beating Blackpool 7-2. It certainly wasn't the drubbing the doom and gloom merchants were expecting.


jonathan acworth said...


Anonymous said...

There speaks the only member of the Luzon fan club...

A point is better than nothing and certainly an improvement on last week's drubbing - but I'm still not convinced ... and have a long way to go to be so....

Still dropped another place in the table thanks to King Chris and his Huddersfield getting an away win today.

Anonymous said...

The bitterness should stop anon if you are an addick support your team you don't like the owner and you have the cash buy him out then you can say what goes. I seem to remember there were no takers when the club was available
Come on you addicks!!

Anonymous said...

Another Anon says.
I don't feel at all optimistic but have to admit this is a good point as before I hope you prove us wrong Gus.
Heart says hope.
Head says nope.
PS Regardless Ackworth remains a dick.

Anonymous said...

No JJ ? is he injured, anybody know anything.

Anonymous said...

Don't have a clue about the Rotherham result, but I do know Febs a very hard month indeed. If we pick up anything in Feb I will start to pay some attention. COYR.

Brian G said...

Just got back from Wolverhampton.Apart from various occasions in the !st half when Fox was cruelly exposed by both wingers, it was a heartening performance, I thought. By half way through the 2nd half, we Charlton fans seemed to be happier and making more noise than the vastly larger home contingent. At the end, I didn't hear a negative word from anyone. There is now light at the end of the tunnel, although a win at home to Rotherham is imperative.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous2, I have supported tha Addicks for around 50 years. I'm used to the club operating on a shoestring & travelled to away games on Lewis coaches from the mid 1960's knowing we'd only see 2 away wins a year... so I don't need comments such as yours thanks very much.
It is clear that the present owner has his own ideas how he wants to run the club which are alien to the vast majority of fans. Bringing in sub-standard players and managers from his stable of clubs is, in my & hundreds of other Addicks minds, a flawed policy.
I want to see a good standard of British players who know the championship & who can stand the pace of a 50 game season. I also want to see academy players brought in, but in numbers that will give them experience & improve them, not in numbers that will expose them and possibly destroy them.
I don't want to see the club playing a string of sub standard Belgian & other players. Too few imports have simply not been good enough & too few are up to scratch.
Our club should be building on Lord Chris's record breaking promotion team, instead Roly Poly is taking us backwards....towards div 1. We escaped last year, now we're looking over our shoulders again. ..
No, sadly I don't have funds to buy Roly you? That doesn't mean I don't care about my club or can't express an opinion on what is going on at the Valley.

I want Luzon and the team to be successful .... but I simply can't see it with the owner's policy....

Anonymous said...

Another anon said,
Totally agree Anon 2, since when has expressing a critical voice been deemed out of order. It's possible to to be very critical of this owner only because you care and support this club and have a view. Someone recently used the expression bitching on here when the page was full of intellegent constructive criticism and debate about relevant points. I take it those points went over the head of this person, if they are only able to process them into that word. In my book it's only bitching if your not prepared to say that somethings good as well. Like you Anon 2, I will not be silenced by people who think it disloyal to be critical. Get some brains rather than trite expressions. COYR.

jonathan acworth said...

yosi benyanyoun linked with Charlton move must be in mid 30s now any good still??? also Tim Sherwood was at the game again yesterdaynow im wondering with all these spurs players coming in on loan if tim will have a rule to play at the valley thourghts on yosi and Sherwood please?

jonathan acworth said...

also breaking news Ipswich have bid 250k for fox oxford have signed a new left back so I reckon holmes dennis be thrown into our first team quicker than he might think I think hes better than fox anyway discuss?