Monday, 19 January 2015

Tucudean to return home?

A number of Romanian sites are claiming that George Tucudean may be about to return to his native heath. I don't have any knowledge of Romanian, but as far as I can work out, Steaua Bucharest are interested and Dinamo have said they are not interested: Tucudean

Reports from Romania in the last hour (Tuesday morning) suggest that a loan deal has been confirmed. A transfer deal involving a fee is expected to be agreed in the summer (this will be a fee paid to Charlton rather than Charlton giving Steaua an offloading payment).

There have not yet been any reports of fans gathering at The Valley and rending their shirts.


TB said...

I am an employment lawyer but not an immigration specialist My colleague who is, tells me:-

What he needs is a Tier 2 Sportsperson visa. This is not a shortage occupation so club would have carried out a labour marker test.

The most important aspect of this visa is that Luzon is “internationally established at the highest level”

The purpose of an endorsement for a migrant is to confirm that he/she is an internationally
established sportsperson at the highest level, will make a significant contribution to the
development of his/her sport at the highest level in the UK and that it is appropriate to fill the
post from outside the European Economic Area.
Decisions on sponsor and migrant endorsements must:
a. be impartial;
b. be consistent;
c. be based solely on any published endorsement requirements or immigration
requirements applying to that sport at the time of the application;
d. not act to give unfair advantage or disadvantage to any one sponsor or group of
sponsors or individual or group of individuals;
e. not advantage or disadvantage entrants from one country over another.

Apparently a priority application takes about 10 days to come through so even if Luzon is ultimately given a work visa it may well not be in time for the Wolves game. Naturally the individual cannot commence work until approved.

TB said...

Re earlier post I was talking about Luzon and not Tucadean

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Anonymous said...

One more network failure

Anonymous said...

What a can of worms.....I can't see Luzon getting a Visa on those criteria, in fact if he does serious questions need to be asked.

Right Katrien ....Resign Now ?