Monday, 5 January 2015

Tired squad have dressing room rows

Andre Bikey has admitted Charlton’s small squad is feeling the effects of a sapping schedule in an interview with Richard Cawley of the South London Press.

Bikey is hoping that reinforcements are drafted in during the January transfer window. “We have got a lot of injuries and players with physical problems,” 'the Beast' told Cawley. “Some players are tired. I’ve already played 27 games and it’s difficult - we’ve got 22 games left. So it’s not easy.

“A new face always makes the squad better. It is not about being fit. Everyone needs a rest, some players play with a physical problem - Igor [Vetokele] is not 100 per cent okay, he has played with that. Igor is only an example. New faces can help us. A different type of player. We don’t have a target man - someone who is 6ft 5ins. Cardiff, Blackburn and other teams have it - we don’t. We need someone who can hold the ball.”

Bikey said: “There were some arguments in the dressing room - it has to happen. The manager has to understand. No-one is happy, we have to try and get a solution. We are in a bad run but there is still a long way to go. I’m not sure Ipswich and Bournemouth are already promoted. We have to keep fighting and try to be on top there.”


Anonymous said...

We've lost too much character from the dressing room and have few leaders. Losing Morro was a huge mistake and it looks like Wilson is heading out.

Bob needs money to spend now in this window, if it isn't forthcoming and acqusitions are limited to Watt and network players and loans , it says all we need to know about Roland!
May be time for Murray to speak up!

CYPEXPAT said...

Morrison had served Charlton well for 3 years and has his best years ahead of him so allowing him to leave was a big mistake as was the sale of Kermogant and Stephens.
The attendances are poor and will continue to decline if RD persists in supplying the Addicks with players who are not up to the required standard. If you take up a principled stance on this you lose your job as CP well knows. Being an owner of a football club is not simply about a new pitch and a facelift for the stadium for which RD must take credit. It's more complicated than that.

Anonymous said...

Previous comments are correct. Morrison and Kermorgant are exactly the players we need now. Mismanagement of the past few years continues at our club under new management.

Anonymous said...

Also, we have too many players who are simply not of Championship standard, and unlikely to ever be Championship standard footballers.

For example, Morgan Fox & Joe Pigott. With the exception of perhaps Blackpool (in desperation), at the bottom of the League, what other Championship Club would play the likes of Fox & Pigott ? It just wouldn't happen. It's embarrassing.

How did Joe Pigott get a 4 Year Contract ? Who made that crazy decision ? Has Joe Pigott ever troubled any Championship defences, ever ? No! Does he look like scoring a goal, ever ? No!

As for Morgan Fox, I think he would struggle to perform at League One level, let alone the Championship. Just take another look at the replay for Blackburn's 2 goals at the Valley on Saturday. Not to mention his constant wayward passing and poor positioning. He's been like that for far too long already. This level is too much for him.

Basically, many of the Kids that we are relying on are certainly not of Championship quality. That is a fact.

Therefore, we need to sign some more experienced, Championship quality players, and quickly. Otherwise, we will be looking nervously over our shoulder at another relegation struggle for the rest of this season. Look at the form table! The stats don't lie!

2 Wins out of the last 15 games is relegation form in any league. If it wasn't for our great start, we would be down there with Blackpool at the moment.

Therefore, January is a make or break Month for Charlton Athletic Football Club. (As we simply can't rely on most of the Kids that we have available to us, who are not up to this level of Football, yet).

Anonymous said...

Changing room issues come from Bikey moaning about other players in his native tongue rather than speaking in English to their face.

Londonology said...

Good that there are rows in the dressing room. At least it shows they do actually care.!!

We need to play with players in the right position as well. Also need some width. We have Jacko in the middle cos he has no pace to play on the wing anymore. We have Cousins playing out of position on the left when he should be playing in the middle.

We don't stretch the opposition. our wide players always come in to congested areas. Think we should try JBG on the left and KAG on the right (or Harriot). Give Church a run as well and maybe loan out Tucudean. Thought Church was our best player on Saturday and perhaps with the right service will put the ball in the back of the net.

Definitely need a new striker. It is a bit worrying when you put your centre back up front when there is a centre forward on the bench.

Need some passion as well.

Perhaps all the players having rows in the dressing room should show some of that passion on the pitch?