Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Rickster gives it large

Ramsgate resident and Voice of the Valley editor Rick Everitt provides a typically trenchant and well-written analysis of the managerial changes at Charlton: Disgusted of Ramsgate

I think he is a bit hard on Katrien whose programme article was written before events unfolded, but I would agree that the fundamental problem has not been poor coaching or tactics but the thinness of the squad.

I don't think clubs benefit from being on a managerial merry go round, even if all the managers share the same nationality. However, there are a number of Charlton owners and managers I have had issues with in the past, not least the Glikstens. I hope that Luzon is a pleasant surprise (as Riga was). But he will need some financial backing if he is going to succeed.

For now he is the Charlton manager and, as such, has my backing and good wishes. I support the club which transcends any particular individual, whether owner or employee.


Anonymous said...

This is the worst day for me since 62. We've had to take a lot but we always knew we were an honest club. Even when Reza and George came and started falling down, not appreciated, we are an honest club. Some supporters don't get it, but that was part of the soul of Charlton. Now it's a soap and a joke! I doubt he'll trust Guy with the filthy luca, Katrine Stooge, a new part to play somewhere as the beautiful heroine? Do I F...ing care?
Charlton's sold it's soul it's now a Belgium club in SE London, I hope the price is worth paying.

Anonymous said...

If I used two words to describe it they'd be UNPROFESSIONAL and DISHONEST.

No not to sack Peeters, probably justified.
No not to appoint Luzon, a risk like T.Watt.

But to run a football club in this slapdash manner and without due care and attention.

Disgusted of Herne Bay.

Steve said...

Well said Wyn, it's a worrying time and emotions are running high, let some time pass and we'll see if a more positive light prevails.
RD has skin in the game, there's every reason to believe he would want the club to be in a better place.

Anonymous said...

Gliksten was a bumbler a British excentric , incompetent but well meaning in another time.
Duchatelet , seems to be ruthless , single minded and have not one jot of concern for tradition nor supporters.
I've supported Stokoe through to
Peeters, wanting each and every one; Firmani, Foley, Nelson Bailyenen Dowie and Pardew , to be the one to take the club forward to success, Baily, Lawrence, Powell, Nelson, and of course Curbishley achieved varying levels of success.
But the duplicity and Lies of Duchatelet , the scant respect for the Club and it's people,,,,,Is a step too much.

Expcyp said...

It is arguable that this sorry soap opera saga would not have happened if English football clubs had adopted the German model of ownership with the "50+1" rule whereby the supporters would have a say in the running of the club and " commercial interests" did not gain control.
Vorksprung Durch Technik !!!
As for Roland....."Allez vous en !"

Anonymous said...

Makes a change from Murray era when he was cozied up to Ben Hayes,South London Press,Daily Mail and Rick Everitt , told them everything ,went to all their meetings was their mate and then succeeded after Curbishley left to show his real ability and take us down to Division 1. This guy is playing with the Club,but every time we take a step backward he spends more money and changes Manager and tries to make us better.My guess is ultimately he will get it right,may take a year or two but he is a stubborn git and looks like he wants to succeed and he has his own money to do it while not relying on other Directors to financially support him.

Anonymous said...

Confucius (RD) say: You fan: Me owner

Anonymous said...

Lies from RD? Seems a bit harsh.

Anonymous said...

Football fans and owners are two opposites that don't attract. It's his money and risk not ours. We have to moan (thank God for the web) and bite the bullet, or stay away, or if being a Belgium club is too much walk down the New Cross Road.

oligab said...

He is very wealthy and one can only presume ambitious but as in Belgium he is very reluctant to share his vision with supporters or the media. That is not to say we won't be successful eventually !
Keep the faith

Anonymous said...

What's your measure of success, league position, dwindling numbers, a Valley full of proud and loud supporters. A CLUB where you feel counted and not lied to.

The support that was disgusted with Powell's sacking has not returned. Tell you what, we will see just how justified CP's sacking was at the end of the season, re; Huddersfield's and CAFC's respective positions and prospects.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure I see any dishonesty. The alternative was bankruptcy and relegation to League 1 - currently, in spite of BP, we are sitting mid table in the Championship. If Luzon can inspire some key players back to form then we may be in with an outside shot of the play offs. We were only heading in one direction with BP in charge and that needed to be addressed.

Anonymous said...

I've not read one comment from hundreds suggesting that Peeters should not have been sacked. That's not what it's about. Plenty of lifetime supporters are telling you what it's about, but you ain't listening or you don't agree, fair enough, but there's a problem.
You said it, caught between Roland (Le Rock) and a hard place. Who employed Peeters? Why 3 coaches with no experience in this country. Why were supporters told by K.M. the club would be careful and take due diligence in the appointment of the next coach, when the decisions already been made, and the rest of all that rubbish. How does PR stooge Ketrine, Mathews and Bolder fee about it.

jonathan acworth said...
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jonathan acworth said...

On Luzon i reckon it could turn out to be a good appointment ,in his first season in charge at Leige.
Luzon had one of the meanest defenses in that divsion and also enjoyed scoring alot of goals with the beast up front and other players chipping in,he said hes going to asses the team at watford see what we need ,my guess he will bring in the best players at leige like the beast and ventokele perhaps going the opposite direction,we also need a left back so what about going for van damme and stam?Mkopu also quality and was seen at our training ground over the summer so i expect all players to sign for us by the close of business end of jan so lets get behind the team,manager and the board unite as a club and make it grow stronger and hopefully rd will take us up to the premier league.

Anonymous said...

Tumble Weed, Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!