Friday, 23 January 2015

New boss bounce could confound Wolves

On the face of it tomorrow's game between Wolves and Charlton looks like an easy three points for the home side. However, commentators in the Midlands fear 'a new boss bounce': New boss bounce

Pessimistic Charlton fans have already decided that Luzon will be thrown to the Wolves, writing him off as incompetent before he has had charge of a single game. Much the same was said about Riga when he took over from Chris Powell. Many fans hoped that Luzon would not get his work permit which was never going to happen given the political ramifications of such a decision.

Wolves are very much looking back up the table having ended their poor slump in form. The hosts have picked up 16 of the last 18 points available in the league, conceding just two goals in those six games to get their playoff challenge back on track. They now sit only one point adrift of the top six and, with two of the three teams directly above them in the table playing each other this weekend, Kenny Jackett's side will have a chance to close the gap.

Wolves are aiming for a fifth straight win in the second tier for the first time since 2008, and with three more teams currently in the bottom half to come in their immediate fixtures after this one, they will fancy their chances of extending that run even further.

Indeed, so high is confidence at Molineux that they think they could still win the title: We are going up

Wolves have won two of the last three meetings at Molineux, drawing the other. Charlton's last win there was a 4-0 triumph in the Premier League in August 2003.

I won't judge Luzon on the basis of one tough match, especially when he has had little time to prepare the team. I remain unenthusiastic about the appointment, but he is now the head coach and I want him to succeed. Come on you Reds!

One possible concern is that the banker from Billericay, Andy d'Urso, is referee. I don't think he has it in for Charlton, he is just a poor decision maker who will spoil the game. I will be surprised if there are 22 players on the pitch at the end of the match.

Odds are: Wolves 4/6, Draw 5/2, Charlton 9/2.

This is probably a forlorn hope, as I doubt whether he has strayed to SE7, but if anyone has seen Leamington's cardboard dog mascot Nimrod could they let me know as he is needed in the fight against relegation at Stockport County tomorrow: Where is Nimrod?


Hungry Ted said...

I don't like feeling this negative about anyone, Wyn, but I am one of those who's wrote Luzon off before he's started. I want nothing more than to be proved wrong but the signs are not there.

I cannot find a single person (respected Belgian journalists amongst them) who have anything positive to say about Luzon or his style of management.

It is obvious he has previously fallen out with a number of players who currently reside in Charlton's first team and at a time when we crave unity it is not good. Nobody in a red shirt made any effort to impress the new manager at Watford last week.

I will back Luzon through gritted teeth and only for the good of the badge.

Blackheath Addicted said...

Wyn, can't help with the dog mascot but another reminder that I do owe you a bottle of wine from our bet from last season. My partner Suzanne will be over soon (lucky girl will get to see two games in a few weeks) and she could bring something decent of your choice from Lyon.

Anonymous said...

We've suffered 'new manager bounce' previously this season when Birmingham came to town, so that's why we're concerned. Whether Mr Luzon will have the same effect as Mr Rowett remains to be seen but we Wolves fans are hopeful that our boys have enough to win irrespective of what the Addicks do.
Good luck for the season though, you're a 'proper' club.

jonathan acworth said...

Im quite excited about this new apointment to be honest with u at first i was dreading him starting at The Valley but ive been reading up on his history as a coach and its actually decent reading.
He was in charge with Israel youth and made progress in that tournament by playing attacking football ,i think he also scored a goal playing for israel in the world cup i could be wrong on this !.
In his first season in charge at leige he played same attacking football and won the title with them in his first season but obviously things went pete tong which was out of his control ,his players were sold to help ballance the books and leige slipped down the table and fans rioted in oct and like two bob he was out of a job very quick ,but kept in "the network".
Im hoping that Luzon be a shrewed move by the board and he will pick the best players to him thats available and that means not playing boring football like under two bob!.Two Bob lost the fans reason why he went very quickly.Lets get behind this new appointment give him 10 games if we see an improvement on the pitch during that time back him if we dont then start to ask questions i think 10 games is about right for him to settle in.

Anonymous said...

No bounce with Luzon....

How can really have been appointed ... half the current team think he's a W anchor.....The other can make out a word he says.

What terrible sin have we done to deserve this .......


Wyn Grant said...

Blackheath Addickted, I leave the choice to the charming Suzanne who no doubt knows much more about wine than I do.

DisciplineBlog said...

If everything is run from the top down by one ego and IF he's not up to scratch with this particular specialism (i.e. football). Then you will surely end up with a network of failures. Where are the board? The DOF, technical director, advisors the support in top positions above the coach. The plan to minimise losses seems to have been to minimise the squad and the club.
Also if the owner's not a supporter and seems to show little interest and ambition then it creates a very confused impression!
Still baffled and still addickted Herne Bay

Anonymous said...

ON THE BUS GUS…….Oh, and if the boss's not up to scratch, who will tell him? Gus.
Why waste time get your sack now Sir Alex!

Anonymous said...

Do you think if/when Gus/Sir Alex bombs, then he'll have to give us Riga back surely?!

Anonymous said...

It looks like 5mins, then, who else have we got?
Go on Gus make me eat my words, nothing would make me happier.

Anonymous said...

I think you answered your own question the terrible sin is Ackworth. Bleeding Jona Ackworth, if we were on board a ship, he'd be feeding the fishes by now. Judging from his Luzon assessment it's only value is comedic. Might have scored for Israel once, fab, that's just what we need from a coach, hilarious if wasn't CAFC.
Insulting to Cray Wanderers to suggest he manages them, he needs to stick to Subbuteo.

Anonymous said...

Reasons to be cheerful.
Improvement - better than 5-0.

Anonymous said...

Guy Luzon, who are yer? who are yer?
Our mate JA says your in Wikipedia.
Now that's what I call real Championship experience!
who are yer? who are yer?

Anonymous said...

Let me introduce you.
This is a coach I just happened to have lying about the place, I thought he might come in useful later on.

Aging Covered Ender said...

Strange he was so readily available huh? Nowt to do though but see what happens. The auguries are not good though. Come on the Addicks, show some spirit.

Aging Covered Ender said...

Thanks man. I think I know where you're coming from. Not so long ago I was so proud of CAFC that I could've burst. The club never got over losing Curbs unfortunately. My personal belief is the attitude of certain home grown players snatching at the big money was the beginning of the end. When players you develop for the future make it clear they believe their future was always going to be elsewhere then where do you go. You leave.

Anonymous said...

Old Dogs
Glad you experienced the good times, Ageing. Stick around long enough and you may get a second day.
We hope.

AC said...

I agree with JA. Let's just get behind Luzon! Give him at least 10 games.

Anonymous said...

IF Jonathon Acworth is excited about Luzon then there indeed is good reason for the rest of us to be most pessimistic...!!

New manager bounce? Not from what I hear coming out of the dressing room.... and there certainly wasn't any evidence of that at Watford last week, was there? Luzon wasn't in the dug-out but he was behind the scenes and had taken training during the week before his visa banishment took effect.

Like most Addicks I hope for the best, but really fear for the worst with this appointment. I hope he has the same effect as Jose Riga had this time last year, but I just can't see it....

Geoff said...

Check our bench at Molineux, Wyn. Nimrod won't have cost anything, so he might be there and just as useful as the other occupants.