Monday, 26 January 2015

Visionary coach or shameless nepotist?

That is the question posed by the Football League Paper in their profile of Guy Luzon. The picture emerges is a rather mixed one, but it looks like being a bumpy ride.

Perceptions of him in Israel are influenced by the unpopularity of his Libyan-born uncles Ami and Amos who control top flight club Petah Tikva. Journalist Alon Sinai told the FLP, 'his image in his homeland remains that of a master manipulator who owes his status to his connections rather than his talents.' Luzon himself said, 'I met with senior sports writers who told me they know how much I mean to my uncles - that's why they did hatchet jobs on me.'

After Luzon had a short and unspectacular career in Israel's lower divisions which was ended by injury uncle Amos appointed him manager of Tikva at the age of just 26. He led Tikva to second in the table and secured European qualification. He then went to fallen giants Happel Tel Aviv, but was sacked after just five months. He then joined Briei Yahuda and secured consecutive top three finishes and qualification for the group stages of the Europa League.

'The criticism of Luzon is not always right,' said journalist Ron Amikam. 'He was very close to his players at Tikva and they all liked him.'

Luzon is a fan of rotating players, Tal Ben Haim commenting, 'I've never seen anything like the amount of rotation Luzon uses, even at Chelsea.' [That's all very well if one has a squad with the depth and quality of Chelsea, but carries considerable risks at Charlton.]

According to Amikam, Luzon has a volatile temperament: 'He does not always communicate well, especially with the media. He can be very arrogant and does not stand criticism. In additional, he can be very emotional.' So we can expect some interesting press conferences and a few touchline incidents.


jonathan acworth said...

jesus give the bloke a chance he got them well organised at wolves i seriously think he be ok as an apointment im going predict now hes in charge a play off place come may?

Expcyp said...

There is nothing new about nepotism.Those of a certain age will remember Sunny Jim ( Callaghan ) and his appointment of David Owen aka Dr Death as Foreign Secretary. Still as Asquith once said " we shall have to wait and see."

Anonymous said...

Yeah but does he @@@@ing hate Millwall

weloveyoucharlton said...

I'm liking him more after Saturday and I quite like the profile you present....we need someone who can be "quite emotional" and to be fair his managerial career for someone so young is not half bad....and as regards the previous comment he will hate whoever Roland tells him to

jonathan acworth said...

Mark Noble west ham has added friend request to half of the current charlton squad on twatter maybe possible loan move dont know much about noble would he be a good signing?

Anonymous said...

Mark Noble is a highly-regarded regular in West Ham's first team. How could he conceivably be coming to Charlton?

Anonymous said...

Not at all convinced Sir Alex, will be around very long. But if he can persuade Roly (who seems to like him) to buy/loan some decent players and he can get some results then why not. Sarr looks promising we'll see. Noble too good and English. Don't get to attached.

Anonymous said...

"He does not always communicate well, especially with the media. He can be very arrogant and does not stand criticism".
No wonder RD likes him then, peas in a pod. This should get interesting.

Anonymous said...

he comes from Isra-el
he @@@@ing hates Millwell