Friday 9 January 2015

Peeters in no rush to add to squad

Bob Peeters has said that he is no rush to add to his squad. With players coming back from injury, the squad might not be good enough. He also said that there had been contact with Millwall about Simon Church, but thought that he would stay at The Valley: Good enough squad

The squad may be good enough to avoid relegation, but not to contend for a play off place. What is worrying is the number of players who have lost form since the start of the season, although in Vetokele's case he has been carrying an injury. Only Gudmundsson has really improved since the start of the season and we do miss Henderson in goal. However, exploratory surgery on his shoulder has revealed that the injury is not as bad as feared and he could be back in training in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Very bad news, clearly the Duchalet wallet is closed and his ambition low.

Brian G said...

Let's not be too negative. What most of us hoped for at the start of the season was a year of consolidation in the Championship and perhaps moving forward next season. What now looks like a freak spell of outstanding results at the start of the season has somewhat unbalanced our views of what we can or should achieve. Let's see how it goes from now on in and let's hope we can get in a midfielder to do the job that Coquelin was doing.