Monday, 1 December 2008

40 applicants in for Charlton job

Forty applicants have expressed interest in the manager's job at Charlton. Apart from the usual suspects, these include Sam Allardyce. However, as we have noted before, the board will give Phil Parkinson a chance to show what he can do before hiring in an outsider:


Anonymous said...

We really do need to bring in an outsider, I have said it before, time for all the sentimental talk of our 'old boys' to run the club because 'they' know what we are about has to end.
Bring in a Big Sam and have a clean sweep.

Addict Afar

Anonymous said...

The charlton board have hardly covered themselves in glory since the departure of Curbs. They are culpable and have contributed to the mess we are in.
Time is the one thing we do not have. I say be decisive and not act like the orchestra on the Titantic. Get BIG SAM now.

Ketts said...

I can only echo the sentiments of the above.

Big Sam is a class act & if he is prepared to have a go at the Valley we should be snatching his hand off.

But financial constraints will probably dictate otherwise.Parky is the cheap option & may be a decent manager.Certainly he has made an encouraging start but this is a ruthless business.If Big Sam wants it we should give it to him.

Anonymous said...

Agree, there is no room for sentiment. Whoever comes in, assuming Parky doesn't get the nod, must bring there own backroom staff and with them a fresh approach to training and tactics. Not sure how encouraging Parky's start has been. He may have lifted morale, but we have only taken 1 point from 6 against average opposition.

Anonymous said...

After the board has sold all Premiership standard players,they have embarked on getting rid of the Championship standard i.e.Ambrose,Varney etc.Who would want to take over what is left?If they sell Shelvey we should cancel our Valley Gold subs.I know I will

Anonymous said...

I was told on good auth that Richard Murray met Big Sam Last week at Sams request

Wyn Grant said...

Whilst here and elsewhere there is clearly a groundswell of support among fans for Big Sam as an external candidate, the question would have to be whether we can afford him and the backroom staff he would want to bring with him.

johnny73 said...

Whoever comes in would need to be insane and a miracle worker.

Building a successful team whilst having to sell players to break even is tough.

The backing (?) of a board who just want to sell the club and are trying to minimize losses.

The loss of numerous loan players in January will spark another massive rejigging of the playing staff.

We don't need a new manager. We need new owners.

This is not me being ungrateful, the board obviously agree with me as they have been trying to unload the club for the best part of a year.