Monday, 22 December 2008

Wry indeed

The club's E mail bulletin has revealed that there may be no Rickshaw service from Rye on Boxing Day because of lack of demand. Why have the Addickted of the East Sussex town withdrawn their support? Can they no longer stomach what is served up on the pitch? We would be pleased to hear from any Addicks in Rye.

Linvoy Primus has left The Valley to return to Portsmouth. Many Addicks have fond memories of him as a young player, but he did not really make a major difference to Charlton's defence in his spell as a loan player (when he was selected). Indeed, Fortune, now that he is back, seems up to the task.

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Anonymous said...

If it's true, (It's in The Sun, so it must be!) then 'Yes please, Mr Ince. When can you start'
He saved Macclesfield, led MK Dons to promotion, so even if we are already doomed, then league 1 will be no problem for him.

I guess he has a nice pay off from Blackburn, so money shouldn't be an issue, and surely the MKD's payed less than we can.....

Go for it, board, I say - and fast