Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Phil Parkinson is permanent manager

Phil Parkinson has been confirmed as Charlton's permanent manager. This is not a decision I find surprising, as everything I had heard suggested that this was the likely outcome. It will not be a popular decision with most of the Addickted, but is probably sensible in the circumstances given the financial constraints; the difficulty of avoiding relegation; and the difficulty of recruiting an alternative.


Depressed Addick said...

.......... a proven track record of 3 points out of 24, great....
Sorry, the fourth manager since Curbs left and another relegation coming up.
We'll have to get used to the idea of first division football - and playing in front of crowds of 5000.

Was it only 2 years ago we were a Premier league club? HOW can a Board destroy a club so soon?

Depressed Addick

johnny73 said...

This was a foregone conclusion.

Totally financial and they kind of admit that in the club statement.

Let's hope 2009 brings some sunshine.

Tony Richards said...

I wish Phil all the luck in the world, and hope he can pull it off for us this season, however the Board will have a lot to answer for if he doesn't.

Ian said...

The club statement was hardly a ringing endorsement was it :)

I think this is a sensible decision. Any new appointment was going to be a risk, no "big gun" was going to accept the job. If we do go down, we'd be better spending our new manager money in the summer, otherwise we arerisking a potentail derbyesque Paul Jewel Syndrome with any new appointment.

I agree with you, in that we need to purge the squad down to a resonable level during this window(we've 38 pros and 17 academy players at the moment!) and make 3-4 hopefully permenent signings that improve the battling qualities of the squad, if not the footballing ones