Saturday, 27 December 2008

Parkinson to stay?

The board has given a strong hint that caretaker manager Phil Parkinson will be staying on a more permanent basis and given funds to spend in the January transfer window: Phil P


Bob Miller said...

IF, some true quality can be signed next week, while at the same time sticking with Phil Parkinson as manager, it would be hoped that will provide CAFC a decent opportunity to finish no worse than 17th in the Championship.

At least under Parkinson, it is a work-in- progress, as opposed to having a new man (and coaching staff) come in and turn things completely on end.

There simply is not enough time available, or additional points to lose, for that to happen.

While the results affecting the standings under the current manager and coaching staff have been less than acceptable, there are signs that the club is settling down and playing better football.

With some added quality and a few breaks, Charlton then has a reasonable chance to survive.

Once safety has been achieved, there is ample time to draft up a solid strategy for the future, with or without Parkinson in charge.

Bob Miller said...

Correction in the first paragraph above. Make that no worse than 21st! We aren't in the Premiership anymore are we.

Anonymous said...

UNBELIEVABLE-No wins to his name. The ideal man for the job!
What world are the Board inhabitating, certainly not the real world.

Anonymous said...

If, when taken on as caretaker manager the target the board set him was nil wins then why not just give him the perm job in the first place, if the target was more than this, why give him the job now having failed?

Anonymous said...

Murray, Waggott and Parkinson need to be kicked out. That is my wish for 2009

Anonymous said...

What about Chappell? Seems to have lost his voice