Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A devalued currency

It's not just the pound that has been falling against the euro, to the chagrin of the Blackheath Addick, but the value of Charlton Athletic pounds has been falling fast as the club faces the prospect of third division football. This has been the worst season for the Addickted since the return to The Valley.

I don't think a blame game gets us anywhere. Apart from anything else, many of the problems at The Valley are structural rather than related to particular personalities, although clearly the departure of Peter Varney was a blow. However, until we get the reporting and decision-making structures sorted out, there will be no quick fix. Any new manager needs the right set up to work in.

I suppose one consolation is that it can hardly get any worse in 2009. Meanwhile, Leamington are on track to win the BGB Midlands Division, currently enjoying a nine point lead.

Best wishes to all the Addickted for 2009.


Anonymous said...

What has happened to the Financial Review that normally comes with a invitation to the AGM?

Wyn Grant said...

Can't help you there, I sold my shares. Perhaps it's gone to look for the Strategic Review.