Monday, 29 December 2008

Interim supremo to bring in new players

Now billed as Charlton's 'interim' supremo, Phil Parkinson intends to bring in up to four new players during the January transfer window, he has told the club's E mail bulletin.

He said: 'We've mapped out how we want the squad to look. Steve Waggott, Richard Murray and the board are all working together and we're talking to players. Ideally, if we are going to bring players in, then we want to bring them in straight away. We have a squad written down with new additions of how we'd like it to look in an ideal world, and we're speaking to players' agents and other managers all the time, although there is no guarantee that any of those players will come.

We need to bring some players in to give everyone a lift; the supporters and the current group of players. Nothing lifts a team more than one, two or even three or four new bodies walking into the building. It lifts the training ground and certainly lifts the dressing room.'

There are some supporters who might be given a lift by Parkinson's departure, but clearly they are not living in the same ideal world as he is. He certainly isn't talking like a dead man walking.


Anonymous said...

Nothing lifts a team like a winning manager.

Or a large elevator.

Pembury Addick

Anonymous said...

Nothing lifts a team by adding 1,2 3 or 4 players to the squad ?!?!?!? why are we bottom then cause you added 3 players just after you became caretaker manager! That is one point per player added...

Anonymous said...

Parkinson is a dead man walking.

Expect an announcement later today.

Terry Thomas said...

I'm afraid we are a dead club sliding

David Warner said...

The thing that the club has to consider is that, as the parachute money dries up and we become less and less likely to feature as a live Sky match, the club's main source of income once again becomes the fans and their season ticket purchases. If they want fans to buy season tickets next season (in division one) they will not be able to offer the carrot of a free season ticket if we get promoted any more (hurray). Therefore the club needs to show ambition. This will not be dome by retaining a winless manager.