Saturday, 13 December 2008

Yuletide vote of confidence for Phil

Phil Parkinson will remain as Charlton's caretaker manager until at least the start of 2009, the Charlton board has announced. In a detailed statement explaining the current position of the club, and outlining both the immediate priorities and Charlton's strategic direction, the club's directors have given Parkinson their full backing over the hectic festive period.

'As there can be no further changes to the playing squad until the transfer window opens on January 1st, and as Phil and his coaching and backroom staff know the players, it is our view to give Phil a run up until the end of the year, when there will be a strategic review of the position,' said football club board chairman Richard Murray.

'We have been very busy behind the scenes, and there has been plenty of interest in the position. But Phil knows the demands of the Championship and is stamping his own managerial style on the team during this interim period.'

It was also revealed that there had been a number of tentative enquiries about buying the club since the Zabeel deal failed, but no firm offer.


Anonymous said...

Right verdict. never have i known a team torn apart to such a extent.Are the people making these moves really football people?Nobody could be expected to make a winning team out of what is left

Anonymous said...

We aren't going to be able to buy or loan that many players in January are we? We aren't that rich. So why does this become so significant in the Board's decision making?

A key skill for our manager, be it Parky or someone else, will be motivating players, and they can show that right now. They don't have to buy new players to show it. I think a large proportion of our current squad would perform enough to get out of relegation with the right person at the helm

The lacklsutre performance against Coventry suggests that Parky does not have enough motivational power. Realising that in January will be too late.

Pembury Addick

Anonymous said...

This decision shows that the board believe Parky has enough to turn it around. If they didn't truely believe this he would have been paid off by now. I know money is a big factor for us this year but surely the cost of going down far outweighs the cost of Parky's pay off fee. I think that if he hadn't already been our no. 2, he would have been one of the favourites to take the helm after Pardew left anyway. He fits the bill - young ambitious manager who we could have got in on the cheap. It's the players that are the biggest problem. We have no spirit and no real leaders. Nobody that can track back, make the tackle, play the ball, shoot on target. We lack the basics that even a pub team has.

Floyd said...

As always lots to ponder, why give the guy a period of assurance IF he doesn't cut the mustard.

There are two issues I think - one touched one in the comments we have no real leaders on the pitch - although I do believe ZZ could play that role if anywhere near on the pitch! That is one matter to be resolved. The other is the quality of the squad. My personal view is that we have it in abundance.
The problem is that 'twould appear Parky is tainted with the Pardew brush. On a clear run from the front I am sure he could do the job. Today though - is there just to much baggage? I am sure he is a motivator BUT do the players want to be motivated. Too many loanees, no incentive to commitment etc etc
I am worried for the future at the moment.

Anonymous said...

For detailed statement read "The longest suicide note in The Championship".

Division One here we come

Anonymous said...

Charlton 0 Derby 1 (Varney)

Anonymous said...

"I used to be indecisive now I cannot make my mind up"
Richard Murray December 2008

johnny73 said...

The board have clearly been decisive.

During the summer they decided to spend 'no money'. They decided to force Pardew to sell players. They decided to trim the wage bill. They decided to sell the club.

We will find out on Monday if allowing Varney to leave will help or hinder us.

In January, whoever the manager is, if they give him a million to spend (the varney fee) then I will apologize.