Sunday, 7 December 2008

Devils cast out

Coventry Blaze continued their winning ways in the Elite Ice Hockey League at the Skydome Arena Coventry in front of the Sky cameras tonight when they beat Cardiff Devils 4-2.

Things looked good for Blaze when they went ahead just after one minute through Barrie Moore. However, the Devils equalised just two minutes later. It looked as if a descent into Hades might be on the card when Devils then went 2-1 ahead during a five on four. The drum beat of the Welsh contingent speeded up. With the net tender out of his goal, Blaze managed to equalise on 12:45, Moore scoring again. It all went off on 14 minutes when the referee had to pull fighting players apart.

Devils have a strong defensive reputation and it was 17:38 in the second period before Weaver put Blaze ahead. Devils continued to look dangerous and it was nearly nine minutes into the third period when Kelman effectively put the match beyond doubt. There was still time for giant Devils player Brad Voth [sic] to be sent to the sin bin yet again amid the jeers of the home crowd.

I learnt some new sin bin offences tonight: checking from behind and abusing an official.

Now for Charlton versus Coventry ...

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Ken Jennings said...

Over here in Canuck land- the officials don't intervene in a fight until the players are both down on the ice. Don't blame them, either!