Saturday, 27 December 2008

The manager question

While it's always difficult to assess the varied views of the Addickted, I would guess that the majority view is that Phil Parkinson has failed to turn things around and should be replaced sooner than later.

Why, then, might this not happen? First, there is the cost: Parkinson would have to be bought out of the rest of his contract. Of course, the cost of relegation would be greater but the board may be reluctant to admit that their 'Plan B' failed. Second, the board may think that the real problem is with the players and no manager that Charlton could afford could turn them into a winning outfit. Third, it may be that there is a takeover in the offing and the new board might want understandably enough to choose their own manager.

When it comes to replacement, there are two schools of thought. One favours an internal replacement with Mark Robson a name being increasingly mentioned. Apparently he left because he did not like the way Pardew was doing things. Other names mentioned are Mark Kinsella and Steve Brown. Mark Bowen would bring Charlton connections and relevant experience.

The other school of thought is that the club needs a complete clean out of anyone associated with the failed regime. Various names then come into the frame, although none of them seem too likely.

The rumour mill is suggesting that Curbs may come back until the end of the season to steady the ship and I think that most of the Addickted would welcome that.


Daggs said...

I fall into the category of, complete clear-out of Pardew's regime, e.g. Parky. But would neither wish to see Kinsella evicted nor Brown, Bowen or Robson installed.
The idea of Curbs until the season's end, then re-assess yet again, appeals to me. If not, then it has to be a new manager with a strong, disiplinairian personality. To whip our shower into shape. Even so relegation looks increasingly certain.

johnny73 said...

I'm not sure any of the names you mention are suitable. Curbs is good at building a side not to lose. They also say never go back, for his sake I hope he stays away.

I'd go for Big Sam if he's still available and he would give us the spurt of energy we need. This could also be on a short term contract so he could be available for other jobs in the summer.

Trevor said...

We have seen a completely new approach to the games under Parkinson, a new spirit, different players. against QPR we came back from behind. we were dropping so badly under Pardew don't you think there are signs of better to come with Parkinson?

I would love Curbishly to return to steady the ship but I feel that it will not happen. We have to move forward on a limited budget I would keep Parkinson all the time the team continues to improve

Terry Thomas said...

I believe that there is no manager within our price range who could turn things around. Pardew left us with a shambolic squad of poor players and Parky will do as good a job as anybody.

Kappacino Kid said...

johnny73 Big sam is at Blackburn, i suspect that Curbs will stay away until after the Portsmouth job is re advertised and why would he want to come back and risk his reputation. I am a big supproter of Parkinson, but despite improved performances we still have not picked up more than 3 points during his regime, so how long can we go waiting or the magical 3 points to come.Its a difficult decsion for the board Parkinson has succeeded in improving performances but failed in delivering the money, maybe Sheff Utd will be the turning point, maybe Forest, but maybe there won't be one.

johnny73 said...

Thanks Kappacino Kid Christmas booze must have muddled my brain.

Whoever comes in needs funds. It's easy spending someone else's money but I think it's our only way out of this mess.