Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Ince for Charlton?

Sacked Blackburn manager Paul Ince is apparently being lined up to take over at The Valley, according to this story, although it was the Currant Bun that raised it first: Ince

What with the Millwall manager and Lennie Lawrence, not to mention various local favourites, there is no shortage of candidates, but as yet there is no vacancy.

Leamington are away at Sutton Coldfield Town tonight in another crucial match in the BGB Midlands Division title race.


Anonymous said...

If it's true, (It's in The Sun, so it must be!) then 'Yes please, Mr Ince. When can you start'
He saved Macclesfield, led MK Dons to promotion, so even if we are already doomed, then league 1 will be no problem for him.

I guess he has a nice pay off from Blackburn, so money shouldn't be an issue, and surely the MKD's payed less than we can.....

Go for it, board, I say - and fast

Anonymous said...

I can't see us paying compensation for another teams manager so this seems the most likely story i have heard. Blackburn fans seem quite angry that Ince wasn't given more time. He has a good track record and really has something to prove now. I agree, go for it (but please don't bring Keith Andrews with you!!!)