Monday, 29 December 2008

Falkirk boss puts his hat in the ring

Falkirk manager John Hughes has declared his interest in becoming Charlton manager:

One leading fan who is also a sports commentator gave this assessment: #On the plus side, he's very passionate, has a solid track record (at Falkirk), would be a fresh face from the outside with new ideas, might know some players that he could bring in (on the cheap) that could do the job. He is the type of manager not afraid to sort things out.'

'On the minus side, he's very passionate (began the season in the midst of a
6-game touchline ban), has only managed in Scotland (although in the Scottish
Premier League), does anyone at Charlton know him?'

If one goes for the fresh broom argument, then there is a case for looking north of the border, even if one does have to pay for an interpreter. As far as I know, he is also the first manager to declare a public interest in the job (although admittedly in any higher level English job).


Dave Peeps said...

Wyn - I'll be happy to act as interpreter free of charge. Best wishes for 2009.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody noticed that since Chappell took over things have accelerated downside.Perhaps Murray/Varney was our dream ticket

Anonymous said...

We must all take some of tha blame.Directors for allowing the wages to get out of hand.All the Managers for the poor value with signings and loans.Who authorised 7 loan signings when you can only play 5,so 2 sit in ths stands on full pay.Also we the supporters must take our portion of blame for setting our expectations so high.Trust me this time next year it will seem a whole lot better as long as they do not sell all oue assets from the Valley Gold scheme

Anonymous said...

I don't think the supporters set their expectations to high, after all isn't part of the attraction of being a supporter the expectation of league and cup success. After so long in the Premier League, I think we are entitled to expect, at the very least, to be an average Championship team and not, as seems likely, a League 1 team. If we all took a 'lets be greatful for what we get' attitude the support base would dwindle permentantly ( I am assuming most supporters will return when the team starts winning). Also, blog's like these would be now where near as successful in generating debate.

Anonymous said...

Youre a bit of an academic so you might know the answer here . This is now our worst run since 1955 , terrible , woe is me , lots of teeth gnashing , etc
but we didn't go down in 1955 did we ?
Lets hope there is an omen there !!!

Wyn Grant said...

We ended up 15th in 1954-55. Our last win was a 6-1 thrashing of Aston Villa in which Eddie Firmani scored five of the goals.

Anonymous said...

I apologise for expecting my team to win a game in the last 16 and counting matches. My expectations are so low now if we win a corner I am grateful. All we need to do is find someone capable of getting it past the first defender!

Thomas Rooney said...

It's a huge appointment for the board to make.

Great site by the way. If you could drop me an email when you get the chance, that would be great.