Tuesday, 30 December 2008

So, farewell then, Martin Christensen?

So far unconfirmed reports from Sky Sports suggest that the Danish winger has been let go on a free. It's very difficult to evaluate Christensen as we never saw him in a first team shirt. So, if the story is true, that's £250,000 down the drain. Read the Sky report here: Forgotten


Anonymous said...

A good example of where the parachute payments have gone. We could have tried him before we got in loan players Gillespie or Bouazza. If he was cack why buy him in the first place?

How to run a business eh?

Pembury Addick

Depressed Addick said...

Cos that's the way the Board do their business these days Pembury.

We've had 4 sub-standard managers and numerous sub-standard players in the red shirt in the last 2 1/2 seasons, this is merely one example of how to throw away 2 years worth of parachute payments and a wodge of the Darren Bent windfall.

They were not fit to wear, or manage, the shirt. The sad decline of a great club...

Anonymous said...

Just another example of the failure of Pardew's ostensibly sensible strategy of buying a "portfolio" of young players. What a spectacular disaster that policy has been, but why is the question. Must say something about the scouting network I guess.