Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Dickson on transfer list

Chris Dickson has gone on the transfer list at his own request, frustrated at the lack of playing opportunities at Charlton: Dickson

I can understand his frustration, but I have always been sceptical about the strategy of swooping up non-league aces who then get loaned out or play in the reserves, even if it did get us plaudits in the Non-League Paper. There's a big gap between the Championship and non-league and it can't be bridged that easily or quickly - and we haven't got the luxury of time.

I anticipate a very modest fee and an opportunity at a lower level which may give Dickson a deserved opportunity for career development.


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised. He has never been given a chance. I expect he'll go to Gillingham.
Hopefully McCleod who has had a chance or two and shown himself to be hopeless, will follow him out the door. Probably back to MK Dons.

valiantphil said...

why sell him to play at a lower level - when that's where we will be playing anyway! Might as well keep him