Friday, 12 December 2008

PP gets vote of confidence

Richard Murray has given Phil Parkinson more time to turn things round at The Valley after Tuesday's defeat by Coventry. I can't access the SLP site at the moment to link to the full story, but it's consistent with what I believe to be the case: that if there is going to be a change of manager, it won't be until the new year.

Should Parkinson be removed it will be necessary to find funds to pay up the rest of his contract.

Burton will sign a permanent contract from 1 January.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear..

Another 4 or 5 games without a win then. Wonder why I bother looking at the blogs every morning/noon/night for that ray of hope.

Pembury Addick

Anonymous said...

Sensible decision.Even Sir Alec would struggle with this lot of losers

Jan Becher said...

Let us support the board with this decision. It is not unreasonable. Roy Hodgson had a terrible start at Fulham last year and is considered a good choice now.

Billericay Dickie said...

Richard Murray and the board have finally lost the plot. Parkinson has been in charge for four games which were all very winable games. 1 draw and three defeats from these matches is unforgivable.

Richard Murray is making the same mistake that he made with Les Reed, The longer that he dithers and fails to show Parkinson the door the harder it will be for a competant manager to come in and rectify the situation. The situation is already looking bleak, if we only gain another couple of points between now and January the situation will become iretrievable and relegation will be a certainty.

johnny73 said...

I'm struggling to understand the resentment towards Parkinson. He's been in charge 4 games. Were people expecting some kind of miracle.

He's done the sensible thing by trying to add experience to the side and in concentrating on sorting out the defence.
The reality is the players need to build confidence and one win will go a long way.
In the meantime doom and gloom will only make the battle even harder.

Anonymous said...

This is so frustrating...a Board that seems incapable of action, a a manager that cannot motivate the players, players that cannot be bothered and top it all we are going to waste money on a striker who was heading to Cheltenham Town before we rescued him.
Wake me up and tell me it is all a bad dream!

Daggs said...

I'm not sure i agree with Richard Murray. But i welcome this public statement.
Throughout our demise, the silence from the boardroom has been deafening.

johnny73 said...

I found the club statement very interesting. Without naming names their emphasis on budgets clearly places the blame on our current situation on Pardew.

I agree he did not deliver and failed to build anything resembling a first eleven.

However he didn't want to sell Iwuemwo and cut backs were so severe he started the season with only two central defenders.

The board have played a big part in our regression.

My own pre season prediction for us was 16th and if we can find some stability then we can survive so I applaud the appointment of Parkinson until January.

Anonymous said...

Good decision. Good statement. Gives me some confidence that the Board are focused, committed and thinking clearly. Of course, there is no certainty of success, but no course of action would bring that. Fingers crossed for a decent performance on Monday and some much needed luck.

Anonymous said...

As soon as Parkinson asked for Burton i would have got rid. The worst striker of his generation. We are heading rapidly to ablivion.

Anonymous said...


Division 1 here we come