Monday, 1 December 2008

The battle of the strugglers

How the FA Cup draw against Charlton is seen in Norfolk:

I suppose my optimal draw would have been away to someone like Manchester United, a respectable quick exit and some cash to help us with our problems. My nightmare would have been someone like Histon away: very little cash and the prospect of humiliation.

A home tie against Norwich City isn't going to do much for the coffers (I am sure the club will price tickets sensibly) but defeat by them would not be a major headline. We could use one or two players we see less of and that might increase the attraction of the fixture to the Addickted.

Some might argue that we need to concentrate on our relegation struggle, but a win in the cup could be a morale booster and produce a more lucrative fourth round tie. Knowing our luck, we will draw, lose the replay and have a key player injured.

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compo said...

As Curbs used to say " we need to get back to winning ways "

Hopefully, and with tentative optimism after last Tuesday and Saturday, this will be the case in the league, albeit not overnight....

So,although Cup success is of minor importance this season compared to avoidance of relegation, a win against Norwich would continue the momentum and surely increase the confidence so lacking up to now.