Saturday 1 August 2009

One week to go

There is a sense of mounting interest as the season approaches with quite a few Addicks planning to go to Bournemouth today to see if the Addicks can do any cherry picking. Let's hope the weather is better than it is in the Midlands.

An Argentinian friend contacted me from BA today, recalling his visit to The Valley and wishing us well. Earlier this week I rang up my publisher at Oxford University Press. There is an inverse relationship between the prestige of a publisher and their ability to publish a book promptly, but his main topic of conversation (perhaps as a diversion from the book) was the prospects for Saints this season under Pardew. He seems convinced that Pardew's talents will overcome the ten point deficit and win promotion for them, mainly it would seem on the grounds that he is not Dutch.

This brought me to reflect on how many Saints fans I know. The godfather to my eldest granddaughter (now nine years old and on holiday in Canada) is a Saint (Joe the Saint). The colleague in the office next door has a season ticket and the person opposite is also a Saint (they could string a banner across the corridor). As is one of my oldest friends.

This report has no Charlton content, but I am glad we don't have an owner like this (fortunately for Livingston fans he has subsequently thrown in the towel): No speaka de English

If you don't know where Livingston is, it's a Scottish new town and you often see their ground when you fly into Edinburgh.

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letterneversent said...

As you said, it's just a little town outside of E'burgh, lots of roundabouts going nowhere. They're basically a franchise club that replaced Meadowbank and most fans in Scotland hate them for the way they splashed cash about in the lower division and think they are getting what they deserve. I feel sorry for the fans no matter what happens.