Tuesday 4 August 2009

Parly's delicate situation

It's not often I find anything in the copy of The London Paper I pick up on my way to the tube about Charlton - or if there is anything it is usually either copied from somewhere or is inaccurate speculation. However, there is a full feature on the Addicks tonight. No doubt many of you will have read it on your journey home to Kent or wherever. For those who haven't, I will summarise it below.

Parky uses some phrases from the Great Book of Football Clich├ęs (don't we all?) such as 'We have no divine right to be promoted' and 'It's what happens on the pitch that matters.' However, I don't think it's as trivial a piece as may appear to be the case, given that we may be on the verge of important decisions about the club's future. BTW, there's no point in going to the free paper's website as it is clearly not updated that often, or at least not in terms of stories about the Addicks.

Parkinson admits it's 'a delicate situation' and that his 'hands are tied to a certain extent'. He went on, 'We're happy with our progress in pre-season, but we still need some more fresh faces in the building. The nucleus is good but we're low on numbers and have holes to fill. We are working very hard to put the pieces of the jigsaw together.' [Sounds like the dog has scattered it all over the carpet after it was half complete].

The article concludes, 'And Parkinson, who was initially handed a contract until this summer, is keeping his fingers crossed he'll remain in his position to see the task through.' He said, 'I just want to carry on doing my job and see where that takes us.'

Hopefully to promotion. I see The Times yesterday had us finishing 6th.


Anonymous said...

Does that last para imply that his contract only runs to the end of this summer? (which if the weather is anything to go by ended about 3 weeks ago.

If so that is rather delicate.

Pembury Addick

Finkle said...

The Times was the closest prediction last year that had us in 19th. I'd be happy to finish 6th and another trip to Wembley!