Friday, 28 August 2009

Sam's the man

Addicks supremo Phil Parkinson has given generous praise to Addicks wide man Lloyd Sam: 'If you're on the opposing team, one player you'd be worried about is Lloyd Sam, because he's got that ability to eliminate players from the game,' said Phil.

'He's had a very good start to the season and has had some excellent games. He's been a key player, and we believe he's an important part of the team. The team has to have balance throughout, and Lloydy gives us that trickery which we feel we need.'

I think this is deserved praise, even if Lloyd Sam can frustrate sometimes and tends to fade as the match goes on. However, he does not deserve his nomination as scapegoat player by the Bloke Behind Me now that Darren Ambrose has gone.

Yado Mambo has joined Welling for what is described as 'work experience' which perhaps suggests that another centre back is on the way as cover.


lesberrysdbp said...

well said

Kings Hill Addick said...

Of course, there could be some interest in signing Sam and we are building him up to boost the fee.

Or am I sounding paranoid?

Anonymous said...

I rate Sam highly, one of the only players we have with a great first touch and the ability to beat his player. Just ashame his shots are terrible!