Monday, 31 August 2009

What's right with Charlton?

When we were in the Premiership and we beat a top four club such as Liverpool (which we did more than once) the papers would hold an inquest the next day on 'What's gone wrong at [insert name of top four club]?' It was never a case of what is going right at Charlton.

I wondered how the media would deal with the awkward fact that Charlton are (enjoy the moment) top of League 1. Of course, not much space is given to League 1, but the Sunday Times round up yesterday was headed 'The Joy of Leeds' with accompanying text underneath. Further down the page it was acknowledged that 'Charlton also won a fifth straight league game ... adding to the home side's woes.'

To rub it in, Plymouth Argyle stalwart Steve Watt (standing in for supremo Keri Jones who is on the mainland) played Blue Moon on Radio Scilly this morning to celebrate the triumphs of the Massives, but refused to respond to request to play the Red, Red Robin or at least Mull of Kintyre.

The period up to the transfer window is a crucial one for the club with considerable uncertainty still surrounding its future. One has to remember that sometimes a very good offer comes in for a player, the player wants to go and it would be difficult to refuse. I wonder if this explains Shelvey's rather indifferent performances in recent games.

Unfortunately I shall be on a plane to Canada tomorrow and by the time I log in online in Toronto the die will be cast. It also means I will miss the Brentford game next week which will be one of our toughest tests so far. Ironically, a Bee will be with me in Toronto.

West Malling Addick Philippa Nicholson has stepped up to the plate and will provide coverage of the game.

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Suze said...

It was the same with the BBC round up programme late Saturday evening. The League One segment was headlined by Leeds...with the league leaders somewhere following...

Hilltothevalley said...

Although galling to be ignored, I am not too unhappy about it while the Club gets sorted. Otherwise we could see lots of gloating if things go wrong.

Luv Robin said...

It was ever thus. I remember in my distant youth my father once suggested a book chronicling all the opposing managers who have been sacked within five days of overseeing a defeat by Charlton. It would be a mighty tome indeed, although the implication that losing to us is the ultimate indignity is not flattering.

And you can guarantee that if we ever won the Premier League, the headlines would be "Big Clubs Miss Out"

Vff said...

Sky comments on Sat after the result was to comment on how many times tranmere had been defeated and how many times they had failed to score in the last few games. The reporter completely failed to mention, the record start to the season.

KK makes a good point about possible gloating.

If things get sorted out though, I think we will be laughing with a couple of additions.

Anonymous said...

Remember that whenever we are lauded in the press we then go on a losing streak. What matters ie where we are come May. So far the highest placed team we have beaten is 13th. If we beat Leeds & Huddersfield, then we can start blowong our own trumpet.

Results speak for themselves. To be a Charlton fan is not like being any other.

Crowborough Addick

Wyn Grant said...

At this time of year a single result can influence placing in the table and these times are where they are in part because they have been beaten by Charlton.

Anonymous said...

I much prefer finishing second to fading from top to playoffs - the more attention Leeds get the better. We want everyone to raise their game against them, not us!