Sunday 2 August 2009

Shelvey turns down Blues

Reports are suggesting that Jonjo Shelvey has turned down a £3.25m move to Chelsea. According to the Sunday Times he thinks (with good reason) that a move there would restrict his development as a player. Apparently, he would prefer to go through the Blackwall Tunnel to West Ham, but the Hammers have no dosh to pay for him.

Shelvey has also been linked with a move to Ipswich, but I find that quite an odd suggestion. Why just move up one division to join the Tractors?

My hope is that he will stay until Christmas.

Also in the Sunday Times charm merchant and Spanner Rod Liddle forecasts that Millwall will take ten or twelve points off Charlton and Leeds United. In your dreams.

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Kings Hill Addick said...

My hope is that he will stay a lot longer than that!