Monday, 31 August 2009

Kiely gets scapegoat player status

For some moaners at Harbury Lane (a minority I have to emphasise) Deano's son Chris Kiely has become the scapegoat player after Leamington conceded four goals on Saturday. 'Get rid of him,' the Bloke Beside Me shouted, waving his walking stick.

The main problem in my view was not Kiely but the fact that the team lost its shape for parts of the match (partly because they were stretched by the Bluebirds) with the midfield going awol at times and failing to cover the defence. In fact, very reminiscent of Charlton last season.

Kiely is a good shot stopper but he is relatively short and he finds dealing with crosses more difficult. This is not helped by the lack of tall defenders in front of hin. Centre back Dan Pirvu who played for a top Romanian side and then went on to play in Austria is a quality player and another real find for the Brakes, but he is not very tall.

One difference between Kiely and his dad is that he kicks the ball out accurately and not out of play which Deano was inclined to do from time to time.

This afternoon Brakes face a needle away derby at Rugby Town.

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