Friday, 21 August 2009

Reading results off the table

This is a favourite occupation of football fans and certainly form and position suggest that Charlton should be able to beat Walsall comfortably tomorrow. However, this is Charlton we are talking about.

The failure to resolve the takeover one way or the other is starting to unsettle Parky at least. He wants to offload some players and strengthen the squad in crucial areas where we are light, but the absence of any decision limits what he can do.

My scenario for the game is this: we go 2-0 up with early goals from Burton and Bailey. We then think 'job done' and settle into cruise control. The Saddlers get back into the game and Youga concedes a penalty. 2-1 and panic sets in. But in the second half Shelvey scores to give us a comfortable victory.

I remember going to Walsall in, I think, our first promotion season from the second tier. The Saddlers were facing relegation and were protesting against their board. Kinsella was on top form and we won 4-2 to ironic chants of 'Sack the board'. Leaving the stadium, Richard Murray was buttonholed by a Saddler and asked why he was not spending any money. 'I am a Charlton director and I am spending some money,' he replied.

Cut out 'n' keep guide

Here are some etiquette tips if you see Curbs in the crowd during the game:
1. Do not shout 'Sort it out Curbishley!'
2. Do not ask him why he did not keep someone up the field at corners.
3. Do not ask him about the takeover.


sm said...

Anything that gives Parkinson the freedom to play around the team is a bad thing - for the first time in seasons we have a settled team, don't let him mess it up. I wonder how many players Pardew has got through already at Southampton.

Anonymous said...

I think there's something to be said for the point raised above.

A settled team is healthy as Fulham have proved over the last year or so. That being said, at least one new centre back must surely be a priority (dare I suggest a dreaded loan on transfer deadline day if nothing else can be arranged?). Elsewhere in the squad we are strong enough for this division.

With all the comings and goings last year our team never looked remotely settled and recent games have shown a greater understanding amongst the players. Parky deserves a lot of credit for this and I hope it continues.

I think we're probably all wary of getting overconfident with the way things have gone over the last few years but that positive upward momentum Wyn spoke about in a previous post may just have arrived. If it has then perversely relegation to League 1 may have been just what the doctor ordered for the club.


Anonymous said...

Did you see that we paid 60k in agents fees last year.Thought we were short of money.What a waste

Anonymous said...

If Parkinson carries on this way he'll keep his job. Curbs will have to be content with a director of football role.

sm said...

Pardew has now given 17 players starts in League games compared with 11 for Parkinson. Says it all really.