Sunday, 16 August 2009

It couldn't happen to two nicer people

Vaasa, Finland: The Charlton Athletic bag has made its way to a medium-sized and rather wet Finnish town. I must say that the floodlights of the football stadium looked enticing as I drove in and brought to mind JJ whom I once saw play in the north of Finland.

A big story in Britain was the disallowed Glaziers goal at Bristol City. It was in the net, even if there was talk of a push beforehand. It couldn't happen to two nicer people than Warnock and the Orange One.

Warnock demanded that the officials be suspended for one year, rather than being given the customary Specsavers voucher, whilst the word 'cheats' was heard. The Orange One also appeared on Sky Sports News, but the Bristol City chief executive gave as good as he got and suggested their remarks should be considered by the Football League.

Is it possible that Crystal Palace are running out of luck and we may get a little back?

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Suze said...

I must admit it was with a smile I listened to Warnock's because it was us! You mean the League have worked that magic too!