Wednesday 5 August 2009


I was entertained to lunch today by a Bristol Rovers supporter. He took me to the village of Ilmington: Ilmington . I have never been there before although it is only 30/40 mins. drive away, but I can recommend it as a Cotswold village without the crowds that throng a place like Bourton on the Water. The Howard Arms serves very good food.

Although football wasn't the purpose of our meeting, conversation naturally turned to it as we are in the same division. Rovers finished 11th last season and are forecast by 4-4-2 to finish 8th this season. And their director of football is, of course, Sir Lennie Lawrence.

My friend's view was that the key to success in this division is good organisation, both on and off the pitch. Their leading goal scorer managed to put away 29 goals this season. Apparently he has an eye for goal and can hold up the ball well. His big defect, and the reason he has not been snapped up by a higher division club, is lack of pace.

However, apparently that is not a handicap in League 1. So perhaps the likes of Deon Burton will be able to do more this season, particularly if defences are opened up by the likes of Shelvey, Bailey, Racon and Sam. It's not all hopeless.

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Anonymous said...

Yet prolific league 1 marksman Izale monkfish in bucket McLeod seemed to offer little else than his pace.
Maybe League 1 football is simply characterised by its lack of decent footballers. Which equally bodes well for the Addickted.