Monday, 17 August 2009

Jimmy Seed's old club

Clapton Orient (as it then was) was the club where Jimmy Seed began his managerial career on £12 a week. Arsenal planned to buy the club and turn into a nursery club but the Football League ruled the move illegal - a mistake in my view. The Gliksteens had an association with the club before becoming involved in Charlton and this is how Seed came to Charlton and turned them into a real force in football.

All 3,000 away tickets have been sold for tomorrow night's League 1 clash. Not so long some of the Addickted were forecasting relegation to League 2 because of Parkinson's alleged tactical ineptitude. These were the same people who said we wouldn't sell 5,000 season tickets or get 10,000 in The Valley.

Now, after two league wins, the gloom has turned into euphoria. It truly is the goldfish syndrome. Let's hope expectations are not dashed.

In the Premiership, there were really three types of teams. The top four plus the 'nearly men' hoping for a Uefa cup place. Then there was the mid-table mediocrity league, at one time including Charlton. And finally the relegation league.

In League 1 there are really two sorts of clubs. Those that might at least hope for a play off place or just fall short (Charlton). And those who could be sucked into a relegation battle as the season wears on, a category that includes Orient.

I would like to have gone to the Matchroom Stadium. Apparently, a block of flats has been built in one of the corners of the away end and the inhabitants can exchange cheery greetings with the normal handful of fans. They may have a shock tomorrow night.

Llera was dimissed by some fans as a carthorse after the Wycombe game, but he has shown that he is a battler. If he is not fit we face a problem at centre back. Moving Youga across might seem the solution as Basey can stand in for him. But Youga's error proneness is a problem in that position and we also lose our ability to maraud down the left. One could pull back Semedo, but he is inclined to commit one foul too many in that position.

Solly came on for Llera at Hartlepool. Could Richardson move across and Solly play on the right? There is Mambo, but this is a game and a position that demands experience.

If you are going, enjoy the game! The phrase 'Enjoy the game' is used by agreement with Reg Varney Enterprises, purveyor of football clubs to the gentry.

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lesberrysdbp said...

Youga did play well when covering the centre back postion last season,but I think got caught for height and position re the first Wycombe goal.
I wonder if he'd be better as a left side midfield player.
We are as last season still exposed at the back with little cover.