Friday, 7 August 2009

Darren Deadman in The Valley of Death

Tomorrow's referee is Darren Deadman and the Sub-Standard is referring to 'The valley of Death'. It's not quite clear for whom, but I think they mean Charlton.

They achieve their usual high journalistic standards in their commentary: 'Charlton aren't going to let trifling concerns such as relegation to League One for the first time in three decades and near financial melt-down dampen their spirits. Instead, the glass is always half-full in SE7: competing in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy will, according to the club websight, add "an extra splash of colour this season", while tickets for tomorrow's tussle with mighty Wycombe are being advertised on the basis of "Christian Dailly, Miguel Llera and Frazer Richardson all being in line to make their debuts." Give us the phone number.'

One of Deadman's claims to fame is that he was suspended by the FA for two matches in 2006 for failing to apply the rules of the game. The failure related to the number of permitted substitutes!


New York Addick said...

Deadman used to be my assistant bank manager (he worked at Lloyds TSB). He showed my overdraft the red card if I recall correctly.

Floyd said...

Well Wyn, DD should be absolutely stuffed with the choice of up to 7 subs today!