Thursday, 7 January 2010

Parky denies exit rumours

Phil Parkinson has denied links with the managerial vacancy at Reading: Parky

There have been those who have wanted him from out the day he was appointed and argued that 2nd for most of the season wasn't good enough, that too many matches were drawn etc. etc. They should be careful what they wish for.

However, the fact that he is at least in the frame for Reading suggests that he is not as tactically inept, a hopeless motivator or generally clueless as his critics claim.


Hungry Ted said...

Rumours like this worry me greatly! I am a huge Parkinson fan. I think he says the right things at the right time, without going over the top, and is clearly not interested in the fame (unlike Pardew). For reasons I've never been able to fathom, Addicks fans have been very slow to accept Parky, with many still not accepting his value today, sadly. I have some very good contacts at Colchester F.C (in the club, not fans), where Parky managed with great sucess, and they speak very, very higly of his drive and determination (late night phone calls on Sunday evening to the assistant groundsman, checking, for the 3rd time, whether he had the cones ready for the training ground the next day!). They were totally gutted when he left. And what happened, the Colly fans booed him upon his return there this season.

Anonymous said...

Wyn, i was definitely in the group of sceptics following his appointment. After all he was given the job as a caretaker. Created no discernable improvement. Then was given the job permanently and took us to relegation!
However, he comes over as decent bloke. He has now created significant improvement and the last thing we need is another managerial change.
So to sum up; I'm still not totally convinced by him. But i am certain he should stay and try to complete the attempt at promotion. I also think he wants to complete the task.

Anonymous said...

That the fans don't sing his name like they did for Pardew is not an indication that he is an unpopular manager, Curbs never really got many songs either, and in fact we do get the occasional "Parky what's the score". I think there are sceptics at every moment, many became critical of curbishley for his perceived lack of ambition etc. I don't think you would see many delighting in his exit if he were to leave us this season, nor do I think it's likely that he will. Managers are forever 'linked' with jobs and there are plenty of British managers (Curbs included) who are out of work and available.

Wyn Grant said...

I think he will stay, at least for this season. In response to Daggs, I think he inherited a poisoned chalice from his predecessors. Also, as the board have made clear, he was the available low cost solution.

Anonymous said...

Entirely agree with the 'poison chalice' Wyn. But the fact remains his starting record as manager was pretty awful.
If he gets us promoted this season i might just become a Parky fan.