Thursday, 9 January 2020

Bowyer has a smile on his face

Often sad supremo Lee Bowyer has a smile on his face. He said at this afternoon's press conference: 'My job is to win games, so I've tried to distance myself from the off-field stuff. Now, I can see the club moving forwards and it puts a smile on my face.' Bowyer has been offered a five year deal that will reassure many fans.

Bowyer revealed, 'Jake Forster-Caskey will be back on the bench on Saturday alongside Jonny Williams and Tomer Hemed .The players coming back will only strengthen us and we will pick points up again once they are back, I have no doubt.'

He added, 'The lads that have been playing have given absolutely everything. The fact we've stayed in games and lost by the odd goal shows just how good our academy is.'

Possibly responding to demands from fans on social media today for 'ambitious' spending the sagacious supremo said: '[Moving the club forwards] won't happen overnight. We've done well to get in the situation we're in now and we're trying to rebuild something that was broken for a long time. We can't jump too quick, too soon.'

Given what could be described as his own response to cynics and professional oppositionists, chairman Matt Southall said: 'Any decision made is for the long-term benefit of the club. There's always possibility to be promoted or relegated, so there has to be provisions. But under Lee, I honestly believe we won't be relegated.'

Steve Gallen said: 'We're trying to bring some players in. We've put bids in for three permanent signings in the last week. Our job now is to try and strengthen what we have. We have players coming back, so we want to add to that and maybe bring in another loan as well.' Gallen admitted that there was need to strengthen certain areas and that would be done.

Richard Cawley

I would like to express my condolences to the SLP's Richard Cawley who is on bereavement leave following the death of his father who had a long battle with prostate cancer. Richard stressed the importance of those in vulnerable groups taking blood tests for the disease. I would only add, avoid having a camera inserted if at all possible because it isn't very pleasant!

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