Sunday, 5 January 2020

Up for the Cup

Not me, I'm afraid. Getting to London on a Sunday can be quite a trek. I did come to the Truro City game because it had novelty elements but we will be playing the Baggies again on Saturday. In any case I have family commitments today. The general merits of a cup run are discussed by CAS Trust: Up for the Cup?

Millwall did start their usual cup run yesterday and it has certainly brought them some profile and financial benefits. It also gave their fans the opportunity to fight among themselves at Wembley which is highly unusual to say the least.

Charlton aren't going to win the cup and we have a relegation battle on our hands. The last thing we want is any more injuries. However, if you are going, I am sure Lee Bowyer will give it his best shot while West Brom will surely put out a weakened team given their promotion push. The Baggies have their own injury worries: Albion's injury hell

Because Fulham beat Aston Villa in the FA Cup yesterday, the return of Scott Parker to The Valley will have to be rescheduled from January 25th.

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