Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Reassurance on Bowyer contract

The many suspicious Charlton supporters have been making much of the fact that Lee Bowyer's contract has not been signed yet, but as the authoritative Richard Cawley explains, he is waiting for the contracts for Johnnie Jackson and other backroom staff to be concluded first. Bowyer's own contract is very close and could be signed later this week: Waits on Jackson and Marshall deals

No doubt some supporters say they won't believe it until they see it on the official site, but that is the last place you will read anything. I have never known Richard Cawley or Louis Mendez to be wrong on anything significant.

Charlton have until midday today to sign any new players before the visit of Snotty Parker's Fulham. Unconfirmed reports (not SLP) are linking the Addicks with West Bromwich Albion youngster Reekem Harper, a 19-year old midfielder. However, Leeds and the Super Hoops are also pursuing him.

As the noon hour approaches, Richard Cawley has confirmed that there will be no new signings so that it will be the same squad against Fulham.

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