Friday, 3 January 2020

Bowyer is 'over the moon'

Lee Bowyer justifiably does not like the phrase 'sick as a parrot', but that is what he understandably has been often in recent months as he tried his best to juggle with Roland's parsimony. However, he has no hesitation in saying that he is 'over the moon' at ESI acquiring Charlton Athletic from Roland: Discusses his transfer plans for January

There is, of course, a need for EFL approval, but my working assumption is that the sale would not have gone ahead without the knowledge that it could be achieved soon.

The often shell shocked but now smiling supremo told Louis Mendez: 'Once I go home, then I’ll see Matt more frequently, I’m sure. Then we can have proper conversations and see where we’re going to go and what’s going to happen. I know for sure that we won’t rush into anything because, that would be stupid of us.'

'Our recruitment, with the bodies fit, is good. We’ve got good players in the building. I’d never disrespect the players that I’ve got because we were doing really well when we had a normal amount of players that we could pick from.'

CAFC Facts and Stats has commented, 'So Duchatelet buys the football club when they were 19th in the Championship just under six years ago and sells it on today in exactly the same league position. Let the rebuilding and hard work commence from tomorrow morning.'

We must not expect overnight results. The new regime needs time to settle in and start work without being distracted by professional pessimists, moaners and oppositionists. The question of who represents fans is always a potentially controversial one given the range of views among fans, but I hope that a constructive relationship will be developed with CAS Trust.

I am part of the generation of fans that sooner or later will be going to join Sam Bartram. However, I am confident that the club is now in good hands and after some dark years the future is bright. It will take some time to repair the damage inflicted by Roland's flawed experiment, but hopefully the divisions between fans will now heal and they will work with the board, just as happened in the years after the return to The Valley and 'Target 10,000.'

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