Saturday, 4 January 2020

Fan meets birthday boy Bowyer

The following has appeared on social media: 'Just had the pleasure of bumping into Bowyer at the Ivy in Tunbridge Wells. [Half decent restaurant] Assuming it was a birthday treat considering his wife and children were in toe. He seemed a bit surprised at first as he was on his way out, probably thought he was safe in the suburbs!' [Suburbs? Shurely shome mishtake, ed.]

'Very down to earth, easy to talk to and was having a good chat with me and my partner. Very talkative and friendly. He is hoping Taylor will be back in about three weeks (in an ideal world). Never wanted to throw him in but needs must. Proud of Pratley and the shift he is putting in, and especially the youngsters who have stepped up.'

'He was very upbeat despite the injuries and hopes the owners will be kind to him. So proud of the fans and their support and he can tell the fans can appreciate the effort from the players, especially the younger ones last night. It’s recognised.'

'He left in the end so I could finish my chocolate bomb, and especially as his poor family were standing around waiting.'

In Bowyer we trust! He's one of our own.

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