Sunday, 19 January 2020

Tsunami of gloom hits Charlton fans

I went to Ceredigion for the weekend to meet my nephew's new girl friend; take them out to dinner; talk about sheep; and hear the old language spoken by native speakers. A further incentive was to get away from the negativity and pessimism of Charlton supporters.

After an entirely predictable 2-1 defeat at Preston, even with a poor internet connection in a remote Welsh farmhouse at the 1,000 foot line, it was evident that a tsunami of gloom had enveloped Charlton supporters.

Trust in Steve Gallen's skills seems to have evaporated quickly, although both Gallen and Bowyer have emphasised the need for additional players: More bodies wanted before Fulham

Meanwhile the Football Manager crowd, many of them having played at Sunday league level for a pub team, have been on their keyboards criticising Bowyer. 19th in the actual table and 19th in the form table is not a relegation position, even before taking account of impending points deductions for at least two teams.

It seems to me that 21st place is still possible. In the meantime there is no point in hiring players who reduce morale by disrupting the dressing room or are over valued.

As Tahnoon Nimer has made clear, the way forward is not spending lots of money, but being at the forefront of technology and development: Five year plan

If most companies operated on the same short-term horizons of many football clubs, the economy would be in even poorer shape than it already is.

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