Sunday, 26 January 2020

Rumour mill links Charlton with Parrott

The rumour mill is linking Charlton with Tottenham's Troy Parrott as a loan target. This story started with the Daily Star and is being copied by other sites, so I don't think it is very credible, although it has a certain plausibility: he is very young and relatively untried. As always, we await a pronouncement from the Vatican, aka the SLP dungeon and His Holiness Richard Cawley.

Parrott is a striker who started his career with Belvedere (the Irish club, not Erith & Belvedere). He signed professional terms with Tottenham Hotspur on his 17th birthday last February: Career details.

With Harry Kane out injured until April and Mourinho looking to sign a new striker, Spurs fans have been calling on the talented teenager to get some minutes from the bench as the team struggles to find goals.

The Special One said earlier this week: 'He is ready to work with us every day like he is doing. He trains with the group, after training he has a special programme of individual development of his qualities as a striker and this club takes very good care of the players,' explained Mourinho.

'That is the only thing I can say,' commented the delphic supremo. 'If he has to play with us, he will. He will do his best, he will show his good qualities, he will show his fragilities because at this moment he is a 17-year-old kid with fragilities in his game.' Make of that what you will, but doesn't sound if he is ready to be exposed to the rigours of the Championship.

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