Friday, 10 December 2010

Anarchy in the UK

No, not the demonstrations in London. This was how The Sports Network (TSN) in Canada entitled its coverage of the sensational bench clearance at Coventry Blaze last Saturday.

However, Blaze have suffered as a result. Experienced coach Tommo who got involved when it all kicked off has been suspended by the league and the club may need to bring in an Acting Head Coach (the assistant coach is a Quebecker who speaks rather gruff English).

Tomorrow night Coventry Plumbing and Heating Blaze face Hull Stingrays who normally lack any sting. Ironically, they are owned by the Blaze management company after they were rescued in the summer. A small barmy army follows Hull round the UK including a disco dancer who turns up every time and goes wild when either team scores a goal.

With Blaze short benched, they may find it difficult to secure the points. They went down 1-5 in the cup at home to Hull a few weeks ago, although their mind then was on their European cup fixtures (they beat a Polish and Latvian team but then went down 6-1 to hosts Rouen).

We expect to be the only Charlton blog at the Skydome tomorrow night. The other week my friends in Montréal (I am vice-president for Europe and Africa of an organisation headquartered there) sent me a personalised Canadiens jersey which happens to be in my favourite colour, red. I wore it to the Panthers game, but I don't think it triggered the trouble!

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