Friday, 31 December 2010

Flash: Charlton takeover completed

Tony Jiminez

The takeover of Charlton has been completed. Tony Jiminez and Michael Slater are in charge, Peter Varney is on the board and Richard Murray remains on the board. Varney's role is more than nominal as executive vice-chairman with responsibility for corporate strategy. CEO Kavanagh is also on the board.

As we indicated earlier, Tony Jiminez is an international property developer and Michael Slater is a lawyer and businessman. Jiminez was formerly a vice-president (player recruitment) at Newcastle United where he worked with Dennis Wise: Jiminez At the time it was thought that he might become involved with Spurs.

His association with Wise at Newcastle may have produced the rumours that the former Millwall player was involved but chairman Slater has emphasised that he has no part in the takeover. Whether he will have any subsequent role remains to be seen.

Slater will be the chairman. His role as a lawyer is now a limited one and he is involved in a number of investment businesses based in Switzerland. In the UK he is chairman of the highly successful Reflex Vehicle Solutions.

With a fleet of 7,500 vehicles Reflex Vehicle Solutions operates a flexible hire service from depots in Stockton-on-Tees, London, Dublin and Didcot in Oxfordshire. Customers, who can add their own liveries to the vehicles, include local authorities, parcel couriers, Network Rail and civil engineers. Reflex also offers maintenance through 2,500 service outlets. Michael Slater, chairman, has overseen profits motoring ahead 47% a year from £1.3m in 2005 to £4.1m in 2008.

In a statement on the Charlton website, Slater referred to building a long-term financial platform to develop the club's potential. He did not want to encourage unrealsitic pie in the sky expectations. The club would always live within its means.

In terms of strengthening the squad supremo Slater has said, 'We need to have a good sit-down with Phil Parkinson and understand what is needed.' A preparedness to listen, then, and no 'Parky out' talk. I think we may see a couple of positions strengthened in the transfer window.

There will be interviews with Slater and Murray on Sky Sports News later today.


Geoff said...

At least it wasn't Ridsdale. 2.5 cheers, the half being reserved against the possibility of Mr Jimenez's ex-colleague emerging from the undergrowth.

Re the quality of football, there have been teams - Blackpool, Leeds - who have played their way out of Lg 1 and there's one trying to do so now, ie Brighton. Where we seem to come unstuck is in decision-making, eg hoofing it to forwards too short or unskilled to make the knock-down, and hanging on too long when playing it thru the midfield on the ground. Racon, for all his merits, is a persistent example.

Something for the new owners to list in the coaching team's objectives.

Happy new blogging year.

Trevor said...

At last the club can stop looking back and move on.

Where is the cabbie beater is he after Parki's job?

Anonymous said...

Lets confirm that the Academy is safe and that The coaches Steve Avory and Damien Matthews are given a more prominent role in the club.Then do something about the scoreboard it is embarrasing

Wyn Grant said...

I certainly agree about the scoreboard, it would be a nice gesture by the new regime.